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Hair restoration surgery has become very common these days and now patients are looking for redesign previous hair transplant by re-transplanting follicles that were previously used in a procedure. This is a modern concept which may have arisen due to failure of a previously performed procedure. People, who don’t want to go through the entire procedure again, can adapt to the redesigning for their already present hair follicles just by re-transplanting them in a way that they fit suitable to the needs of patient.

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Redesign previous hair transplant


Redesigning previous hair transplant results


For the reconstruction of previous hair restoration procedure, the technique used is FUE (follicular unit extraction), a brief description of which is as follows:

The skin is anaesthetized on the portion in which follicles were previously implanted. These follicles are extracted as grafts on micro level and kept under suitable condition. Then some orifices or apertures are made depending upon the size of follicles by punctures and re-transplanted into them. The skin is bandaged and antibiotics are given to the patient. The recovery period is 24 to 72 hours after which the re-transplanted follicles start growing three months later.


This technique is especially very suitable for the patients going through androgenetic alopecia because the achievement of a perfectly fine hair line along with other areas of the scalp is very challenging and may not happen in the first phase of the procedure. Most of the patients with advanced stages of alopecia have lost the donor area capacity and there are no more follicles available for extraction. Therefore, to achieve hair density in advanced stages of androgenetic alopecia, redesigning of previous hair transplants by taking hairs or grafts from beard, chest, abdomen, legs , back and any other parts of the body and transfer to head or frontal hairline is possible in Lahore Pakistan. This whole procedure is performed by an experienced and skilled hair restoration surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry


It is a very important method for the people who have undergone a failed procedure previously or did not get the expected results out of it. Many people lose their hope after one failed attempt and they think that they will not be able to achieve their desired density ever. But this procedure provides a way in which they can reuse the follicles for better results.

It is more feasible than the traditional FUT technique because the same site of the scalp is going to be redesigned in such a way that better outcome can be expected by re-transplanting the hair follicles again.

It allows a surgeon to improve the aesthetic aspect which is the reconstruction of a surgery for improvement of appearance in the already transplanted site.

The patient’s satisfaction is achieved after the follicles start growing because the required hair density can be achieved using this technique.

It can prevent the wastage of hair follicles in case of a failed hair surgery performed previously because the same follicles are used again and there is no need to extract follicles from the occipital donor site which is often very thin lined due to alopecia.


Thus, the redesign previous hair transplant has been proven to be an effective means of overcoming a failed or an unsatisfactory attempt of a previous surgery especially in the patients suffering from advanced androgenetic alopecia. This procedure needs a little more exposure to be truly held as a clinical practice with satisfactory results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can hair restoration be done twice?

Yes, we can repair and Red-do previously bad or poorly performed procedures by adding more grafts from the scalp donor area or we can take from the body. 

Who is the best doctor for Redesigning of previous hair transplants in Lahore Pakistan?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has extensive experience and knowledge to redesign your previous bad procedure of hair restoration surgery in Lahore Pakistan.

How much does the cost to redesign previous hair transplants in Lahore Pakistan?

It depends upon the nature of redesigning. Many patients consult to improve front hairline density or thickness. Normally the cost range is 75000 to 150,000 Pak Rupee.

What is the consultation  fee for redesigning of previous hair transplants in Lahore Pakistan by top hair restoration surgeon?

Consultation is FREE and there will be no charges for check up. However you need to take an appointment by calling or through WhatsApp on this number +92-333-430-9999

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