Dense Packing Hair Transplant

Can we get thicker hair through hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is one of the latest techniques that has been used for hair loss and baldness treatment in Pakistan. People who are suffering from hair issues, either having a bald scalp or having thin hair are really turning towards hair transplantation to get the remedy of their hair loss. Hair restoration is a procedure which engrosses by extracting follicles from  the back of the head to place an area with thin or no hair.

Procedure of hair transplantation for thin hair

The people who don’t have a bald scalp, but are suffering from thin hair and want to have thick hair often turn towards hair transplantation. They believe that thin hair will lead towards the bald scalp is the major concern of the people. Thinning of hair can be for many reasons, genetics and hormonal imbalance may lead towards the hair loss. Local anesthesia is being given to perform follicular unit extraction procedure. The scalp is first cleaned by the surgeon before giving the anesthesia.The number and the type of grafts to be harvested depend upon the type of hair density in the donor area as well male pattern baldness. If the quality of hair is thin and the victim wishes to have thick hair then additional sessions of the procedure are supposed to take place. The size of the donor area is also a deciding factor for hair restoration. Slits are created with a scalpel or needle by delicately placing each graft on these slits . Four to six hours might be the time for the procedure to take.

Dense packing hair transplant in Pakistan

Getting Dense packing hair transplant for front hairline 

A healthy scalp with good hormone balance is a perfect combination to grow hair. The quality of the donor area and site is very important for dense packing or full density of hair restoration result. The practice of using hair transplant for making hair thick is mostly done on females. If one is not suffering from hair loss or thinning hair and just want the hair to grow thick, then this can be achieved through hair transplantation. If the roots of the scalp are thicker than it becomes very easy to achieve thick hair result in the transplanted area. If the hair is curly, then its density can be easily achieved with straight hair. There is T or L pattern on the scalp following either central part or the lateral part and even the forelock, which becomes the best way to thicken the choosy regions of the head in order to maximize the styling. By targeting the zones it becomes easy to get thicker hair with hair transplantation.To have a realistic expectation is very important. Patients with thinning hair, go for hair loss treatment in Lahore pakistan, but it is very important to consult with Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry  whether transplantation is right for you or not. At times medication and other treatment help in growing hair thick instead of going for hair transplantation.