July 2020

Redesign previous hair transplant

  Hair restoration surgery has become very common these days and now patients are looking for redesign previous hair transplant by re-transplanting follicles that were previously used in a procedure. This is a modern concept which may have arisen due to failure of a previously performed procedure. People, who don’t want to go through the entire procedure again,

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Fue hair transplant technique Lahore

FUE hair transplant technique

  FUE hair transplant technique is a primary process of hair restoration in which naturally occurring follicles of an individual unit are extracted one by one.. This technique originated in Japan. Though beneficial but it is very difficult and requires a lot of time to develop skill. The main variable is the survival of follicle

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Hair loss vitamins

Hair loss vitamins are one of the most accessible sources to free one from their hair issues once and for all. In the current status quo, numerous confessions are posited by individuals from every anonymous corner of the world inclusive of their worries regarding lack of cost-efficient solutions. In a world where money will always

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