Fue 2740 grafts


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Fue 2740 grafts transplanted in the frontal half of head in Male pattern baldness Norwood class 6 treatment. This patient needs two or three procedures to cover the whole baldness. Maybe we have to use his beard or body hair in the next procedures.

Normally the frontal half of baldness requirement is 2500 plus grafts and this patient got Fue 2740 grafts as we extract maximum available grafts in the back and sides of the scalp donor area. Frontal one centimeter of the hairline got one hair containing grafts and with more density so that the results would be thick and dense.

The procedure started at 9.00 am in the morning and took 5.5 hours to completely finish it. The whole extraction was performed by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry and it took almost 2 hours for grafts extraction and similarly 2.5 hours to place Fue 2740 grafts in the recipient area. During the follicles placement, the patient was watching TV and movies while an expert team of technicians under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry implanted the whole follicles. It is important to give natural angles and orientation of follicles while implanting and special attention is given to this aspect as well.

Micro Fue 2740 grafts cost in Lahore was charged 150,000 Pak Rupee at our clinic which is very low when we compare it with Turkey or any other country of the world. 

Fue 2740 grafts hair transplant results in Lahore Pakistan by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry.

Procedure date  10 July 2021
 Patient Age   50 Years
 Technique   Micro FUE
 Plan   To cover frontal half of head 
 Punch size   0.8 mm
 Donor area   Back & sides of head 
 Surgeon   Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry
 Contact   +92333430-9999


Norwood class six baldness

Frontal half male pattern baldness marking

Fue donor area marking

Fue 2740 donor area extraction

 Total grafts  Single grafts  Double  Triple    Total hairs
 2740  1203  1409  128  4405

Fue 2740 grafts hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

Fue 2740 grafts

Top view Fue procedure one day later

Fue 2740 grafts result one year later

Follicular unit extraction result Lahore Pakistan one year later

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