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Hairline lowering surgery

Hairline lowering surgery in Lahore Pakistan is performed in male and female patients. It is also known as the Forehead Reduction technique, is a surgical procedure that aims to shorten the forehead, i.e., it reduces the gap between the hairline and the eyebrows making the forehead look trimmed.

Other names:

·         Scalp advancement

·         Foreheadplasty

·         Forehead lowering


The main purpose of this surgery is to balance the face symmetry (inappropriately larger & broader foreheads) which has been distorted either due to genetic factors or due to baldness or after undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

This asymmetry of facial proportions is disturbing for people who are conscious about their looks. It may cause anxiety and feelings of low self-esteem and confidence in the clients. And the most important of all it is considered to be a sign of “aging” or “low-beauty standard”. Maybe, that is why women being more self-conscious are more prone to these surgical procedures.

Hairline lowering surgery Indications:

Who can get this surgical procedure? The answer has been made clear under the heading “purpose”. But making it more concise; this surgery is recommended to people suffering from disproportionally large foreheads due to:

·         Genetics (If the condition is associated with family history).

·         Male and female pattern baldness; most often for androgenic alopecia.

·         Facial asymmetry after any surgical or cosmetic procedures went wrong. For example, coronal brow lift or endoscopic brows lift (rare).

·         Receding hairline resulting from injury, aging and other factors.

But not everyone is a suitable candidate for this procedure; you must consult a cosmetic surgeon for a complete and personalized analysis of your case.

The age of 20 to 30 years is considered ideal for the procedure, however; you can have it if you are above 16 years.


You are not a suitable candidate if:

·         The tissues of your scalp have a diminished tendency to stretch “scalp laxity”.

·         If you are suffering from genetic pattern baldness; this procedure won’t work for you in the best way.

How is it carried out?

Hairline lowering surgery is done typically under general anaesthesia; local anaesthesia can be administered for localized reduction of pain and bleeding during the procedure.

·         The cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon marks the hairline and the forehead area that is needed to be removed.

·         The incision is made very carefully to make sure not to damage the follicles and nerves in that area. This incision is termed as “pre-trichial incision”.

·         The skin of the forehead is separated from the connective tissues below and removed while the incision that was made along the hairline is sutured with the previous incision to close the gap of removed skin and the forehead looks shortened. It is made sure to hide the sutures by camouflaging them in the hairline.

·         If the skin is not elastic enough to be pulled down easily, the surgeon may use a “tissue expander” under the scalp. The expander tends to gradually stretch the skin in about six weeks after which normal procedure is carried out.

The alternative for this is double forehead reduction surgery i.e., surgeon clips the incision in two or more layers of stitches.

·         The procedure is carried out in a way that results in minimum scar formation.

·         Sometimes a separate surgery called brow lift surgery is carried out, if needed, to balance the eyebrows.


This procedure usually takes between 1.5 to 3 hours but the duration depends exclusively on the need of the patient and the expertise of the surgeon. In most cases, it involves a one-time procedure but in some cases for example, if the scalp has reduced laxity, the surgery may take place in a two-stage approach.

Post-surgical information:

·         You are allowed to get engaged in your daily chores a few hours after surgery.

·         Sutures are removed after a week or two.

·          Post-operative follow-ups would be needed after 2 or 4 weeks to ensure no signs of infection.

·         Recovery time varies from patient to patient, but generally, it requires 3 to 4 weeks for complete recovery.

·         Within six months incisions heal completely and start to fade.

·         Patients are prescribed analgesics to relieve pain for the first few weeks.

·         Most often patients report mild soreness the first evening.

Post-operative diet:

·         Avoid alcohol and smoking.

·         Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medicines if not prescribed by the surgeon. It may lead to bleeding.

·         Take as much nutritious diet as possible to aid in a smooth recovery.

·         Increase intake of vitamin C supplements.


Hairline lowering surgery itself is a simple surgical procedure with minimum risk of complications if proper care is taken. But if it is not allowed to heal properly you may suffer some common post-operative side-effects or complications which involve the risk of:

·         Infections

·         Pain and Discomfort

·         Swelling or itching

·         Scarring

·         Bleeding (if the condition gets worse)

·         Allergy or other side-effects due to anaesthesia

·         Nerve damage at the incision site

·         Paresthesia; reported as tingling, numbness or skin crawling

·         Temporary or permanent hair loss

·         Asymmetry

·         Prolonged healing


Hairline lowering surgery is a care-demanding procedure. One may face complications if precautionary measures are not considered. Here we list some after-care or postoperative tips that will ensure quick and well healing of the incision site:

·         Washing your scalp vigorously or too much scrubbing can damage the incision site. So be very gentle.

·         Use mild shampoos for the first few days.

·         Avoid exercise for a few weeks. Sweating can make the scalp sensitive and can cause bacterial infection at the surgical site.

·         Be regular in your follow-ups so that your surgeon can ensure the good healing of the site.

·         Keep your head elevated; you may use several pillows. This will aid the healing process and prevent swelling and bruising.

·         Keep the incision site clean.

Why is it recommended?

Because of the following features, we recommend Hairline lowering surgery to our clients:

·         Simple and easy procedure

·         Low-risk; easy recovery

·         Obvious, immediate and permanent results

·         High levels of satisfaction of clients

·         Little or no pain in the majority of the cases

·         Scars are hidden

·         Out-patient procedure (no need to get admitted to the hospital)

·         Adaptability to every type of scalp

·         One-time cost in most cases

Alternative techniques available:

·         Brow lift (if large forehead is due to lowered brows)

·         Hair grafting (transplantation techniques: if the condition is due to the high hairline)

Which surgeon to choose?

While choosing a cosmetic surgeon, make sure he is:

·         Board Certified hair restoration surgery.

·         Have sufficient experience in the field (technical expertise).

·         You may also ask for the before and after photos of his previous clients.

·         You may take reviews from his clients.


No natural or non-surgical way has proved to stop or treat the natural receding of hairline (due to hormonal changes or aging) or due to other conditions (alopecia, injury, wrong cosmetic surgery, etc.), hence, people find themselves dependent on surgical procedures whether in the form of;

·         Forehead reduction surgery or

·         Transplantation techniques (like; FUE, FUSS/FUT or FIT – Follicular Unit Extraction, Follicular Unit Strip Surgery/ Follicular Unit Transplantations or Follicular Isolation Technique)  or both (in some cases), to meet the demands of the social beauty standards

What is the forehead lowering surgery cost in Lahore Pakistan?

The average price range is 90,000 to 150,000 Pak Rupees by a board certified or qualified surgeon.  

Who is the best forehead lowering surgery specialist in Lahore Pakistan?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is a foreign qualified hair restoration surgeon performing this procedure at his clinic in Lahore Pakistan. To get an appointment or Free checkup call / WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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