Fue 4122 grafts


FUE 4122 grafts | Combination scalp and beard hairs | Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry | Lahore Pakistan

F.U.E. 4122 grafts were extracted from the scalp and beard donor area and this technique is called combination grafting or body hair transplant performed in Lahore Pakistan.

Procedure date  4th & 5th Oct 2021
Donor area Scalp + beard
Technique F.U.E.
Surgeon  Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry
Contact  +923334309999

FUT hair transplant poor result

Patient had FUT hair transplant from some other clinic and did not happy with the density and results so he would like to improve thickness / density as well as more area coverage 

Two days procedure planning

Marking and shaving of proposed bald area for 2 days procedure.

2230 grafts first day procedure

2230 grafts were extracted from back and sides of head donor area and transplanted in the frontal part of the head for more density or thickness.

Beard area grafts extraction second day

Marking of beard area below jawline and neck area. Normally this area can give 1200-2000 grafts in an average person.  

Beard donor area grafts 24 hours later

Right sided view 24 hours later after grafts extraction.

Left side view after beard hair extraction

Left sided view 24 hours later after 1892 grafts extraction.

Combination grafting scalp beard


Two days Fue combination grafting hair transplant procedure performed for frontal and mid scalp area and total 4122 grafts were extracted from scalp and beard donor area by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry in Lahore Pakistan

4122 grafts hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

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