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FUE hair transplant technique


FUE hair transplant technique is a primary process of hair restoration in which naturally occurring follicles of an individual unit are extracted one by one.. This technique originated in Japan. Though beneficial but it is very difficult and requires a lot of time to develop skill. The main variable is the survival of follicle after its extraction from the scalp which if transected during the procedure will result in failure of transplant procedure. These follicular units are also called grafts. Initially, 4 mm punches were used for extraction purposes. Previously FUT technique was popular. It has been performed by a single strip harvesting method with trichophytic closure which is a type of closure which reduces the visibility of scar as the new hair grows at the site where incision is made. Usually a population undergoing thinning, pattern baldness or a person who has lost a portion of hair due to scalp injury is more likely to go for a surgical procedure. Whereas this procedure cannot be performed on the individual whose hair loss is as a result of chemotherapy or formation of thick fibrous scars. FUE differs from FUT in the procedure in which follicles are extracted one by one from back or sides of head normally whereas in later cases, a narrow strip of donor area is to be removed containing follicles.

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The FUE hair transplant technique starts with anaesthetizing the scalp. Then with a small needle, about 1 mm in diameter, incision is made around a follicle. This area is now called the donor area and the doctor extracts the follicle using a motorized punch from this area. A number of follicles required are extracted alike. After this, the follicles are grafted where needed and soon they begin to grow and yield new hairs. The doctor usually applies an antiseptic on the head and asks the treated person to wear a bandage or a cap to protect the scalp for a few days. This process is less painful leaving behind no visible scars. The time required for recovery varies and depends upon the number of follicles grafted and the area treated. Moreover, the time taken for the completion of the process also varies from a couple of hours . While the recovery is fast and takes about 3 days. The transplanted hairs may shed after a few weeks but they will grow up afterwards strong and healthy. The result of FUE is permanent. This technique has been proved extremely beneficial for the people who cannot go for FUT or strip cutting due to any complications.

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If FUE is performed properly, the success rate is 98%. However, the complications might include bleeding at the target site if the patient is having any blood thinning agents or the platelet count is compromised. Risk of infection also persists if the patients have a contact in places having spores of microbes. Sometimes a swelling develops which usually disappears in a couple of hours. Bruising around the eyes of patients has also been reported in some cases as the is increased blood flow to the scalp. Crust formation around the donor area or at the site where the hairs have transplanted may occur. Sometimes the patient feels numbness or loss of sensation at the operated site. Folliculitis which is a condition of inflammation in the scalp can occur. All of these conditions are treatable and occur in a minority of cases. Even after all these FUE is a less invasive procedure and is more compliant as it can be used for different hair sites such as moustaches, beard eyebrows along with the hair line.

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Post Treatment Guidelines

Some of the post treatment guidelines after FUE procedure include sleeping in semi sitting position to reduce the swelling and preventing from touching the operated area, avoid scratching the area with nails or rubbing the transplanted area, shampooing the area gently after the very next day, covering the scalp with bandana or scarf to avoid the direct contact of ultraviolet rays with the transplanted area and mild exercises can be performed after 14 days whereas exertion exercises should be avoided for 25 to 30 days. The patient should be advised to take some medication depending upon the situation by the prescriber and the patient should take these on time. People may look for the FUE procedure in order to conceal the linear scar from FUT procedure. It is ideal for those people who like sport short hairstyles and for those who have no problem with shaving their heads. There is no noticeable scarring or damage. People who have a soft scalp or small donor area may prefer FUE instead of FUT treatment.

The price for FUE procedure may depend directly on the number of follicles that are needed to be transplanted and generally it ranges from four thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars. While choosing hair restoration procedure talks with your doctor about the risks and benefits and the need of transplantation. This process is generally used to treat androgenetic alopecia also known as male pattern baldness which is a genetic condition in which the per loss hairs of the crown, frontal hairline and the temple points. Usually a FOX test is performed to check that a person is a suitable candidate for this procedure or not. For this test, the surgeon takes a few units and evaluates how many complete or incomplete follicular units are extracted. If the extraction is complete and easy, the surgeon goes with FUE otherwise strip technique is preferred. The completeness is judged by five grades. Procedure is avoided in case of grade four or grade five. This process should not be performed by unskilled workers or when the instrumentation is not proper. There are a number of advancements in this field including Follicular isolation technique, automated FUE and robotics in hair transplantation. FUE is an important alternative to conservative ways but is very tiring and requires a lot of time. To be used in a number of patients and to cut short the surgery time, more research is needed in this field.

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Why is Fue hair transplant technique preferred?

Follicular unit extraction technique is preferred due to minimal pain, no stitches and no linear incision. Fue techniques results are equally good in an expert and skilled hands.

Who is the best in Fue hair transplant technique in Lahore Pakistan?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has 23 years experience and practicing Fue technique for the last many years. The technique gives impressive and excellent results, one may see in the photo gallery section.

What is Fue hair transplant technique cost in Lahore Pakistan?

Fue procedure cost in Lahore Pakistan is according to number of grafts or baldness area coverage. Normally its cost is 90,000 to 200,000 Pak Rupee.

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