Hair loss treatment for men Lahore Pakistan

Hair Loss Treatment Men

Hair Loss Treatment for Men in Lahore Pakistan is a hot topic these days as men generally suffer from baldness more as compared to women. There are plenty of methods to cope with this problem. Men all around the world are using different methods are remedies to get their head fill of beautiful and luscious hair. Male pattern baldness is more prevalent in men over the age of 50 and it is a genetic problem so there is no escaping it.

Prescription Drugs

The first form of treatment for any problem is prescription drugs and it is the same case for Hair Loss Treatment Men. We will not go on talking about drugs that have no scientific authenticity. Instead, we will tell you about two prescription drugs that FDA has approved for treatment of hair loss.

  1. Minoxidil: This is a drug that is sold as a liquid or foam. You have to apply the liquid to your scalp two times a day. It will prevent hair loss and also promote hair growth.
  2. Proscar: This a pill form of drug. You can only get it if you have a prescription from your doctor. You can take it according to your doctor’s instructions to get desired results.

Hair Transplant for Hair Loss Treatment Men

Hair Transplant is another route you can take towards having a head full of hair. FUT and FUE are two major hair transplant surgeries that people are using these days. In FUT, the surgeon would take skin from the part of the head with abundance of hair and take hair out of those follicles to replant them into bald parts of the head.

In FUE procedure, hair is taken directly from follicles at back of the head and then grafted to the bald areas. If you are going for these surgeries, expect to pay more and face pain.

HairMax Prima Hand Laser

Another hair loss treatment men is the hand laser. It was approved by the FDA in 2009 and is very easy to use. You have to hold it and the low-light laser promotes hair growth. There is a comb in the front which parts the hair to ensure that laser gets to all parts of the head. This laser therapy stimulates follicles and promotes their growth. However, doctors are not positive about similar reaction by every patient to this treatment.

Nutrition for Hair Loss Treatment Men

Men’s Health Journal explains how nutrition plays a role in making the hair healthier. Eating a diet that is rich in Vitamin B and proteins is healthy for hair and it will make your hair shinier and healthier. You cannot expect the lost hair to grow back with the diet but a good diet will make the existing hair shinier and prevent further hair loss.

  • Eat foods that are rich in omega 3 fats, such as tuna and egg yolk.
  • Also, incorporate iron-rich foods into your diet such as eggs, beans and green-lead vegetables.

Reduce Stress

 A lot of people do not focus on this but leading a stress free lifestyle can also help in reducing hair loss. To reduce stress, make sure that you get enough sleep, meditate and do moderate exercise every day.

All of these things help in Hair Loss Treatment Men. If you have noticed hair loss, start living healthy now or you would have to undergo surgery later in life.

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