How to design frontal area or frontal half of head hair transplant planning in Lahore Pakistan at Dr.Ahmad Chaudry’s hair restoration clinic.

Frontal area marking

Planning of 2600 grafts for frontal zone or male pattern baldness class 4

Frontal hairline construction for hair transplant in LahoreMega session of Fue hair transplant 2606 grafts in single day by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Lahore

Post Op day one 2600 graft in Lahore

Frontal view after implantation of 2606 grafts by follicular unit extraction method.

Fue hair transplant clinic Lahore result


5th day after follicular unit extraction procedure performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry- One day procedure without stitches and incision. You can wear cap/hat to cover transplanted area and continue working activities.

5th post op day - fue hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan

What will happen to donor area after fue hair transplant procedure. Look at the below pictures of donor area after extraction of 2606 grafts in single day procedure. Fue procedure took 6 hours and performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry and his team in Lahore.

Fue donor area day 5

Do hair regrow after fue hair transplantation procedure in the donor area? Hair regrowth starts after few days from fue procedure, extracted holes heal and skin shrink and look like normal hair regrowth.

Regrowth fue donor area 5th dayT

Hair transplant clinic Lahore

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  1. Very impressive work. What did you use to for the FUE? Neograft, Artas, or handheld. Also what size sites did you use to get that many follicles in. Looks awesome!!!!

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