Fue Cost & Package

Fue hair transplant cost in Pakistan

How much hair transplant cost in Pakistan? See and read below our special discounted packages. For contact and free hair loss treatment evaluation and advice , call us or fill the Form on left hand side.Limited time offer.

  • FUE 1 graft (Root) = 100 Rupee . One root may contain 1,2,3 & 4 hairs
  • 1 FUE grafts = 100 Rupee or 1.00$US
  • 1000 Fue grafts cost = 100,000 Pak Rupee or 1000$US after 30% discount = 70,000 Rs or 700 $
  • 2000 Fue grafts cost = 200,000 Rupee or 2000$US after 30% discount 140,000 or 1400 $
  • 3000 Fue grafts cost = 300,000 Rupee or 3000 $US after 30% discount it will be 210,000 Rs or 2100 $
  • 4000 Fue grafts cost = 400,000 Pak Rupee or 4000 $US after 30% discount = 280,000 Rs or 2800 $

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Important points to take into consideration while creating a hairline:

There are some important points that a surgeon should take into consideration while creating a line. They are as follow to enhance your knowledge.

  • The shape of the hairline:

The surgeon should examine the correct shape for the hairline before starting the procedure so that you can save from the disasters.

  • The location of line :

While performing procedure for front hairline transplant Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry always mark the location of the line and set properly in the patient’s forehead according to their face. If the location is perfect then you will get a completely natural look.

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry