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Fue per graft cost in Lahore Pakistan

  • FUE 1 graft (Root) = 80 Rupee  after 30% discount. One root may contain 1,2,3 & 4 hairs. Pakistan made instruments will be used.

  • 1 FUE grafts = 140 Rupee or 0.50$US international standard technique & instruments (disposable)

Fue hair transplant cost packages Lahore Pakistan

The cost of hair transplant varies depending upon the procedure used. As there are different types of hair restoration procedures available so price and cost is charged as per technique. It is a type of surgery that is done to introduce hairs in those parts of the scalp gone bald or where the existing hairs have become thin. This technique has been used since the mid nineteenth though the area has gone through many advances up till now. This is usually performed in a doctor’s clinic where the surgeon cleans the scalp and then inserts medicine to numb it. Then any of the following procedures can be used: strip harvesting, follicular unit extraction, follicular unit transplant or robotic hair restoration depending upon the most favored method. The selection of method depends upon various factors such as skills of the doctor, age of the patient, good candidate criteria of each procedure and the quality of the donor area. The price of each transplant depends on the number of hairs being transplanted. Depending upon the type of procedure selection, the hair transplantation cost in Lahore Pakistan generally ranges from 90,000 to 250,000 Pak Rupee.

Hair regrowth techniques Lahore

FUT hair transplant cost Lahore Pakistan

The cost of follicular unit transplant ranges from 80000 to 130,000 Pak Rupee. This technique is also known as strip harvesting. The average recovery is a time period of 2 weeks. It is a minor surgical procedure and is permanent. It is a safe and effective procedure. A strip is harvested according to given guidelines. The length of a safe strip ranges from 10 to 25 cm depending upon the area of the donor scalp. Then the scalp is anesthetized. Upper and lower incisions are made and the strip is dissected into the tiny grafts. The wound is then closed with sutures. The ideal candidate for strip harvesting is a person who has hair loss due to thinning of hairs, has bald spots or a receding hairline. People facing hair loss as a result of surgical treatment, medications or radiation therapy are not a good candidate for FUT as the effects of these can be reversed. Side effects of this treatment as seen in different patients include inflammation, telogen effluvium, cyst formation, scarring, itching, hemorrhage and swelling. The pros of this treatment include good quality grafts, youthful look, no wig required, permanent treatment and hair growth whereas the cons include: long period is required for growth, candidate has to wait for a long time to see the result, variable results and the hair transplant cost is high.

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Hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan for follicular unit extraction ranges from 90,000 to 250,000 Pak Rupee. This technique consists of cleansing and anaesthetizing the donor area. Then the extraction is performed by using either of the two methods: sharp or blunt dissection. The extracted follicles are then harvested in the recipient area. This procedure uses up to 5000 grafts in case of scalp and up to 200 grafts in case of eyebrows. It addresses concerns such as receding hairline, bald spots and thinning hairs. It is a permanent and minor procedure. It requires 24 to 48 hours for recovery, however recovery rate varies. The ideal candidates for FUE are those who would like to wear their hair short. Such as sports men. It is not recommended for the patients having a poor donor site or losing hairs as a result of any reversible procedure like being on medications or going through any surgical procedure. The pros of this process include: no scarring, no suturing required, quick healing and harvesting more grafts. The cons include more sessions and a larger portion of hairs has to be cut short. Hair transplant cost of this procedure is moderate.

The cost of hair transplant in case of robotic hair transplantation ranges from $7000 to $18000. It consists of a physician assisted, computerized device which uses an optical system to locate and harvest follicular units directly from the donor’s area. It is faster, more accurate and has artificial intelligence. The easiest feature to appreciate is that it is faster still giving precision at micro level. The procedure consists of two steps. In the first step, the inner needle engages the hair while the follicular unit is being separated from the remaining tissue by the blunt outer punch. Faster dissection is achieved as the robot moves from one follicular unit to another by skimming on the surface of the scalp rather than retracting away between the harvests. The optics utilizes white LED against red which allows harvesting without eye fatigue. Recovery takes 3 days. It is also a minor permanent surgical procedure. For best results, the candidate must have enough hair growth and more number of follicles should be transplanted. This procedure is not recommended for the people who have hair loss due to processes that can be reversed or people having lighter hairs who are not willing towards dyeing hairs as robotics cannot detect it. The pros of this technique is that it is fast, efficient, consistent and error free whereas the cons include limited donor sites, only for dark, straight hairs and the cost of hair transplant is not covered by insurance.

Total hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan of any of the transplant depends upon treatment and recovery price. It is often out of pocket and most insurance does not cover this. Other factors which also affect the price of procedures includes: the place where you live, if you live in an area where a number of surgeons are offering transplantation: the price will be lower in competition to attract more customers, the type of procedure you choose, as the relative expense of FUT is moderate as compared to FUE and robotics which stand at the top in case of expense and accuracy. The expense also depends on the skills of the surgeon, as if the surgeon is more skilled; he will charge more money. It also depends upon the number of grafts. If one wishes to fill only small patches, it will obviously be less expensive as compared to larger area transplant. In addition to treatment, recovery expenses cannot be avoided, which include pain medications which are required immediately after recovery, anti-inflammatory medications required to reduce swelling and antibiotics to decrease the risk of common infectious hair diseases. While selecting any procedure, one must consult a doctor and select the cost effective treatment.

FUT procedure hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan = 80,000 Rupee to 130,000 Pak Rupee

FUE procedure price-package range  = 95,000 Pak Rupee to 250,000 Pak Rupee

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