1859 grafts result

1859 grafts results 9 years later and the procedure was performed through follicular unit extraction technique by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry Lahore Pakistan. Patient came to our clinic in 2014 and got an initial consultation and decided to get his hairline and both corners Fue hair transplant procedure to improve look and cover baldness. In the beginning he tried different products and oils but nothing worked. So finally he searched from the internet regarding the best baldness treatment , top hair restoration surgeon, can we regrow hair without surgery, the best product for regrowth. At last he found our clinic where he had seen enough before after photos, results and qualification , skill as well as expertise of the surgeon. During his consultation he asked various questions regarding technique , duration, side effects , cost and result timeline. Our consultant explained everything to him and after satisfaction, he reserved a date for his follicular unit extraction procedure. 

1859 grafts results Lahore Pakistan

Fue hair transplant patient details

Procedure date   09th Dec 2014
Age   30 years
 Plan   Hairline & corners
 Technique   FUE
 Donor area  Back & sides
 Punch size  0.9 mm 
 Surgeon  Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry
 Contact +923334309999

Before and after photos 1859 grafts results 9 years later 

Patient contacted us 9 years later as he has further hair loss in his crown and mid scalp area and wants to get a second procedure or session. Before planning for the second session, we requested the patient to send his close up view and he also sent us his first procedure result. Below we put 9 years later images. It means the life of transplanted hair is the same as the donor area – usually the back and sides of the head. 

Before after result 9 years later

Procedure was performed on 09th Dec 2014 and we got his photo in April 2023 for his frontal treated area. The growth is natural and one can see the angle , curve and direction is undetectable. 

Front corners before

Frontline left side designing

Fue hair transplant result 9 years later

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