Eyebrow hair transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant clinic Lahore

Eyebrow hair transplant surgery in Lahore is performed at Cosmoderma clinic by a foreign qualified hair restoration surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry for the last 20 years. Everyone wants to have thicker brows. The beauty industry has made thicker eyebrows a glorified thing and so more and more people are trying to get them. There are many conditions where eyebrows are missing like burn, trauma, alopecia and auto immune diseases. Sometimes, this may be genetic and at other times, it could be a result of laser surgery. Also, some people over pluck their eye brow hair and thins them over time. Hormonal abnormalities are another reason for thin eye brows. It is important to get proper diagnosis from some specialist clinic or doctor. Once your doctor explains you cause of eyebrow hair loss, no need to worry as eyebrow hair transplant surgery in Lahore is possible at Cosmoderma clinic.

  • People who have lost eye brow hair during injuries or burns can try Eye Brow hair transplant.
  • Anyone who has lost hair due to electrolysis or surgery can also get this hair restoration surgery.

Process of Eye Brow hair transplant

The process of Eye Brow hair restoration surgery is quite similar to other kinds of hair transplants. In this surgery, the surgeon takes donor hair from your scalp and then transplants it to your eyebrows. Just like normal eyebrow hair, this hair also grows over time and you have to trim it monthly.

To get the natural texture, shape and appearance, your surgeon would transplant one or two hair at a time. Since a smaller area is being covered, the procedure is very delicate and the surgeon has to be very precise. He or she would make incisions of half a millimetre in your eyebrow region and then implant one or two hair. The grafts for this process are dissected microscopically so that minimal scarring occurs and the existing hair, if any, are not damaged at all.

Performing Eye Brow hair transplant

In Eyebrow hair transplant, the surgeon would pit 50 to 350 hair in each eyebrow. The number of grafts depend on how much existing hair you have and how much area has to be covered. Also, the desired density and size you want will help your surgeon decide the number of grafts to be made. This procedure is performed under oral sedative and it is a painless procedure of about two hours.

Recovery After Eye Brow hair transplant

Eyebrow hair transplant surgery in Lahore does not need any bandage and heal within 24 to 48 hours. The recovery period after Eyebrow hair restoration is painless and not too long. For the first few days, there will be tiny crusts present around the area. Patients can resume their normal activities in a week. There might be mild pinkness around the transplanted area but it will fade away over time.

Follicular unit extraction procedure is best for suck kind of surgery as it does not involve any stitches or incision. After two weeks of the procedure, transplant hair will start to fall out and the growth will resume naturally in three months. This will then go on for the lifetime. So, this process is quite simple but also very precise.

Choosing a Surgeon for Eyebrow hair transplant in Lahore

Choosing the right surgeon for Eyebrow hair transplant in Lahore is easy if you have done your research right. Your surgeon must be precise in his or her work and should be able to help you decide how many grafts you need. Eye Brow hair transplant does improve one’s appearance and you should totally go for it if you are comfortable and you are in dire need of it.