How many hairs are extracted from a beard

After the emergence of using beard hair for transplants, the next question that arises is how many hairs are extracted from a beard? Traditionally, hair restoration only included use of scalp hair for the purpose but in recent times, the use of body hair has also been considered in this procedure. Among the body hair, beard hairs are proved to be very strong and have a high success rate among hair extracted from other parts of the body.

Hair Extraction From Beard

The extraction of hair from beard usually follows the FUE technique in which it is estimated before procedure by the hair specialist that how many hairs are extracted from a beard. First, the beard area is treated with local anaesthesia and follicles are extracted using micro techniques. Then these are implanted on the scalp by doing punctures. The areas are bandaged and recovery time consists of some days.

how many hairs are extracted from a beard

Number of grafts taken from beard

Many patients come and ask, “How many hairs are extracted from a beard?” Normally 1500 to 2000 grafts can be taken from the beard region as well as the neck region if the person wants to keep his beard intact. These 1500 to 2000 grafts won’t cause much harm in the appearance of the beard and do not cause extreme thinning of the beard. However, there are some people who don’t want to keep their beard; in that case a large number of grafts, as many as 4000 grafts can be taken without worrying about thinning the beard.

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Preference of Beard

In the cases where there is low donor area density and there are not enough hair follicles to fulfill the need of a transplant, surgeons consider extracting hair from other parts of the body. Beard hairs have a high density and provide a similar appearance to the many of the scalp hair. Moreover, it is easy to extract hair from a beard and implant them in the scalp in the same sitting. Therefore, beard hairs are preferred.

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The objectives and achieved targets for this procedure depend on how many hairs are extracted from a beard. However, if we take an average amount of hair follicles, these targets are achieved:

·         These extracted beard hair can be transplanted on the mid scalp or crown area of the scalp to cover its thinning.

·         The creation of temple points is also an objective of this procedure.

·         Minimum scarring occurs at the beard site which can be healed overtime easily. Because FUE is used, there is no linear strip scar.

·         It has a little impact on the density of the beard if an average amount of follicles are taken.

·         The donor area of the scalp is not used so it can be saved to cover the baldness already present in that area.


Thus, this procedure and its outcomes highly depend on how much hairs are extracted from a beard. The extraction of hair from a beard has proved very beneficial for the people who have lost their donor area due to any reason and want to get their scalp hair density back. Many new procedures are being added to this technique to make it more efficient and reliable.