Does smoking cause hair loss

Does Smoking cause hair loss


Does smoking cause hair loss is a very important question. As we all know that smoking is injurious to health and may cause lung cancer. It may also cause certain respiratory diseases as well as ischemic heart disease. Similar to other hazardous and cancerous effects smoking results in the damage of the follicles and leads to hair loss. A study was conducted in 2007 in which 500 members were part of each group named as smokers and non-smokers. After evaluation results suggested that almost 450 amongst the 500 of smokers developed androgenic alopecia which is normally termed as male pattern alopecia or female pattern alopecia. While in the case of non-smokers almost 200 out of 500 people have developed some alopecia due to hormones and other reasons while smoking can interfere in the normal supply of blood to all parts of the body. Alopecia can be of grade 3 or 4. Upon the recession of those who suffered alopecia it was clear that 47% of smokers reached the level 3 of hair loss and 24% of the smokers had grade 4 of hair loss. While only 10% of non-smokers developed either grade 3 or 4 of hair fall. Similarly, it gradually interferes in the regular supply of blood to the hair follicles resulting in the weakening of the hair follicles and damaging the normal hair growth so a healthy diet as well as a healthy lifestyle plays an important role in getting long thick and healthy hair. Like the vital organs of the body, hair follicles are very sensitive to the changes being made in the body and the effects can be clearly seen on the head of the particular individual.


Baldness and smoking


Does smoking cause hair loss is really important to know as the chemicals of the cigarette like nicotine produces free radicals in the body and the excess amount of these free radicals cause damage to the DNA of follicles and once the DNA is damaged it can potentially lead to the baldness as the growth is highly affected. In the same manner smoking greatly affects the blood circulation of the body and develops a plaque which may lead to severe health problems like heart attack or blood clots. If your body is healthy it will surely nourishes the follicles by enhancing the flow of clean blood towards the head resulting in the increased production of follicles leading to strong and healthy strands but as smoking gradually affects the blood flow by creating plaque or narrowing of blood vessels due to rush of the free radicals and also damages the DNA so body will feel low and weak to combat these problems and resultantly along with other issues due to gradual reduction in the blood flow to the follicles present on scalp, the  growth would be decreased too and apparently head will provide a look of lack of strands which would be frizzy and weak. With time they may lose too and there would be alopecia of grade 3 or grade 4. Other side effects of smoking may include the development of grey hair at a very early age. It may also increase the release of cytokines which are the signaling proteins for inflammation and this may result in the scarring of the follicles and may also control the release of estrogen by tissue remodeling and increasing the estradiol’s hydroxylation. It may also inhibit the enzyme aromatase which enhances the estrogen level in the body. Reduction of estrogen in the body may also lead to certain health issues and may also affect the growth. One going through low estrogen levels will lose hair in bulk upon combing.

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