Cosmoderma Hair Transplant Clinic Pakistan

31 A- Ali Zeb Road Block C- 3 Gulberg-3

Firdous Market – opposite Total Pump

Lahore -Pakistan

Tel: +92-42-35874529 & 30

Mobile: +92-333-430-99 99

Timings : 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM (Monday to Saturday)



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    • Hello, what we understand you want to say that your hair are falling or you are loosing you hair? If this is true , hair shedding and falling routine matter. Normally 70-100 hairs fall per day as older or aging hair fall and new hair replace them. However if you have miniaturization (decrease in diameter) of hair then we have different hair loss treatment options available at our Lahore clinic. We can prevent or stop your hair fall by PRP (platelet Rich plasma ) treatment, Laser hair loss Therapy, Medical hair restoration like Minoxidil and Finestride.Now a days there are good shampoos which prevent hair fall or hair loss very effectively like SILANOL and second is NUTRIGROW shampoo.

    • Sir, Thank you for your message.
      1- PRP injection or treatment cost in Lahore will be 10,000 Rs.
      2- Stem cell injection cost will be 150,000 and it needs 4-7 times.

    • Hi, PRP results will be initially to stop hair fall and secondly to increase density of your thin hair. After 8-12 weeks you will see growth of new hair due to PRR treatment.

  1. Sir tell me about stem cell therapy is this parmanent solution for hair loss I have some hair lose on front and hair fall problem is this is suitable for me I want permanent solution

    • Hello Aman , We do not have any hair transplant clinic in Peshawar. However mostly patient travel to our Fue clinic in Lahore where our staff arrange guest house or hotel stay for 2-3 nights.

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