Finding the best Fue hair transplant doctor in Pakistan

Finding the best Fue hair transplant doctor in Pakistan is extremely important for the success of the procedure and final outcome without any complications. It is very important to think and search properly about the surgeon, you are going to select for hair restoration. If you are going for follicular unit excision procedure  and don’t know how to find out  best Fue surgeon in Pakistan for you then in such case first try to find out any of your close friends who underwent hair loss treatment procedure with the same surgeon of yours. You can also ask some questions from the surgeon about his/her experience and also meet his/her old patients to know about him.

Finding the best Fue hair transplant doctor in Pakistan tips 

Following are the questions that will help you to select the best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan.

  • The surgeon credentials and training

  • The surgeon’s experience

  • The manner in which the surgeon practices

  • The comfort level you feel with the surgeon

Best Fue hair transplant doctor result Pakistan

The surgeon credentials and training:

Following are the questions related to the credentials and training that you must ask the surgeon.

  • From what medical university did the surgeon take his/her medical allopathic degree and medical degree of specialization?

  • In what year he/she received the medical degree?

  • When was the surgeon licensed to practice medicines?

  • From where a surgeon completes his/her internship period?

The surgeon experience:

Following questions, you should ask the surgeon that relates to surgeon experience.

  • How long has a surgeon been doing Fue hair transplant procedure?

  • How many hair restoration procedures have surgeons done and how many of them get successful?

The manner in which the surgeon practices:

You have to know about the environment in which surgeons practice.

  • Is the surgeon a solo practitioner or are there other surgeons in the similar practice?

  • Is the clinic and office neat? A messy office may not be a sign of a surgeon’s competence and it also not makes a good impression on patients.

The comfort level you feel with the surgeon:

It is very important to trust and feel comfort with your surgeon at a time of procedure. Therefore, to find out will you feel comfort level or not, ask following questions with your surgeon.

Does your surgeon allow you to take your friend or any close relation person with you in Operation Theater?

  • How much time will he/she spend with you at a time of surgery?

  • Will he/she guide you about all procedures politely?

  • Did he give you any discount on the surgery?

You must be careful while selecting a surgeon for yourself. If you don’t know how to find an expert surgeon then you can ask the above questions and if the answers of all questions will make you satisfied then fill up all documents and make yourself ready for the Fue procedure. It is better to make a decision, when you are fully satisfied with the surgeon otherwise you can try somewhere else. Once you succeed to choose the best surgeon for the hair restoration process then all other things will also go successfully for you. Last but not the least you can also search on the internet and search for the best Fue hair transplant doctor in Pakistan and see testimonials as well as before and after Fue hair transplant results in Pakistan. This way you will select a good and skilled doctor for your procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the criteria to find the best hair transplant doctor in Pakistan?

There are different criteria to find the best surgeon and these include

  • Qualification and training

  • Experience and skill

  • Before & after photos as well as reviews

  • Video of the doctor on Youtube

  • Professionalism and honest opinion during initial consultation

What is the cost range of the best Fue hair transplant doctor in Pakistan?

The cost range for the best surgeon in Pakistan is 125,000 to 200,000 Pak Rupee. However there are many clinics which offer services at low rates but these clinics did not fulfill the criteria of the best clinic.

How to get an appointment from the best hair transplant doctor in Pakistan?

To get an appointment you may call or contact through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

”  Finding the best Fue hair transplant doctor in Pakistan is not difficult if you can see the qualification, experience, before and after 10 sets of patients, testimonials, online reputation and when will you consult , professionalism and honest opinion. Dr. Ahmad Chahudhry is trained & qualified from Paris France and has double specializations in Laser surgery as well as hair restoration surgery. He performed thousands of procedures successfully. If some of your friends are also trying to find the best Fue hair transplant doctor in Pakistan then you can share with him all the above information.”

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