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Crown hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is very common among male patients. To transplant hair in this area, needs special artistic skills and experience so that Natural whorl like patterns should be followed. Some people have smaller hair loss in the vertex area while others have the most advanced form of baldness. Cosmoderma clinic is performing Crown area hair transplant in Lahore for the last 22 years under the supervision of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry – trained & qualified from Paris France.  

Crown hair transplant Lahore

What is the crown hair transplant orientation?

Nowadays hair loss is the main problem in many men and women. There are many causes of losing hair so quickly and early. In men, there are many reasons behind this hair loss like it can be the result of some hormonal changes, inheritance (heredity) or because of some medicines and aging. Anyone can lose hair on their head, but nowadays it’s a more common problem not in men but also in women. The main area where men can lose hair is the crown area. Here we are discussing baldness treatment in the crown area and how it can be done. The crown, also known as the vertex, is a vicinity of the scalp that can require hair restoration surgery due to the reality that severe hair perspective adjustments show up in the crown place in a whorl, or spiral, sample which ought to be meticulously recreated for a seamlessly natural result. Additionally, the crown commonly has widespread areas of baldness that require transplantation, ensuing in the want for a large wide variety of grafts in one area. Hair loss can manifest at the hairline, temporals, mid-scalp, or the crown area. When it happens at the crown area, which is at the back of the head, it is no longer substantive from the frontal view of a person’s face. However, it motivates human beings to lose their self-assurance and they feel inferior.

How is this orientation done?

Crown hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan orientation is accomplished by way of FUE method by using implanting the healthy hair follicles immediately from a donor vicinity on the scalp which is also called everlasting area and grafting them onto the bald area. The remedy is carried out under neighborhood anesthesia, disposing of risks and downtime associated with different procedures. And because the cure is minimally invasive our team ensures that the donor appears intact after the procedure and you can preserve your hair absolutely quick if you decide upon barring any apparent linear scarring. In most cases, sufferers are in a position to return to work the next day with their results. The technique makes use of a specialized punch device, ranging in diameter from 0.6mm – 1.0 mm, to extract follicular gadgets whole with quintessential glands. This separates surrounding tissue from the unit that means minimal trauma and better results. The cure is carried out beneath excessive powered loupes using specifically designed instruments, allowing the Hair practitioner to work with the utmost precision for natural-looking, absolutely undetectable results.

What is the procedure for crown hair restoration surgery?

Crown hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is a complete method and in this method it has minimal to no pain, and recovery time is quite fast.

·         Harvesting Process: The hair from the donor is carefully harvested and in order to maximize the harvest yield, a surgeon should pay close interest to protect blood grant and nerves. Meticulous closure of donor minimizes soreness and improves healing.

·         Recipient Site Creation: Recipient websites are chosen with ideal angles, direction, sample and graft-to-site match in idea to create the most herbal results.

·         Hair Graft Placement: Our skilled team expertly places all hair grafts so they are no longer too deep or too high and to prevent trauma upon placement.

Advantages of Follicular unit extraction- FUE

There are many advantages of FUE technique in crown hair transplant procedure like;

·         With FUE method, sufferers get intensive & natural searching hair.

·         It is a solution for initial and progressive hair loss.

·         This approach is satisfied for sufferers because they sense less ache and after the operation, they have no linear scars and no stitches.

·         After FUE, sufferers get a quick recovery; sufferers can flip back to their ordinary existence and tour the day after.

·         On the recipient site: a fairly exact hairline which suits your face with the nice density of hair you can have universal and in the most important mid frontal region. Natural course and angulation of hair.


After crown hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan at our clinic, you can leave right now after treatment. Healing takes about 3-4 days, after which point any redness or slight swelling in the treatment region will have subsided. After a successful transplant, the transplanted hair may fall after 3 weeks, but this has to now not fear you as they develop again better than ever, after three to 6 months. The patient can get returned to his routine existence within one week of the treatment.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of crown hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan?

Normally the crown or vertex area needs 2500-3500 grafts to cover this region properly. The average cost is 75000 to 150,000 Pak rupee in Lahore Pakistan.

Who is the best doctor in Lahore Pakistan?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has more than 22 years experience in this field and can easily restore and perform hair restoration surgery in this area.

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