Telogen effluvium and hair regrowth


According to dermatologists, telogen effluvium (TE) is known to be the second most common kind of hair loss that people experience. It will occur when the scalp faces an inevitable change in the growth of follicles.

In case the number drops during the resting (telogen) hair growth phase, more of the follicles that are no longer growing up will show up. This will cause TE shedding, which usually doesn’t stay for a longer time.

Sign symptoms telogen effluvium

Telogen effluvium and hair growth treatment

What are the significant symptoms of telogen effluvium?

The first sign of is thinning on the scalp. This thinning could happen only in one place or everywhere. Most of the time, it appears at the head’s top. Your hairline will usually not recede because of TE.

In extreme cases, TE can make hair fall out in places like your eyebrows and pubic area. Many things can cause TE hair loss. These things are:

1.      Environment

TE can be caused by things like being in a car accident, losing blood, or having surgery. This condition can also occur if your body is around toxins such as heavy metals. This happens because the “shock” of the change in the environment puts your follicles into a state of rest. When follicles are at rest, they don’t grow as they would normally.

Even though this type of TE can happen quickly, you probably won’t notice any thinning until a month later. Your hair can quickly get back to normal if the environment is stable.

Most people get better from this kind of TE in less than six months. There is a high possibility that your hair will return to normal texture in just one year.

2.      Hormones

TE hair loss can occur due to specific changes in hormone levels. Changes in hormones can cause follicles to rest for a long time, like environmental changes. If TE happens during pregnancy, hair usually starts to grow back between six months and a year after the baby is born.

3.      Medication or other medical care

Some antidepressants and other drugs, like blood pressure and birth control pills, can cause shedding. Before a doctor prescribes any other medicine, you should also inform them in advance about your medical history. They can look at your symptoms and suggest another medicine.

Some surgeries or shots can shock your body, which can put your follicles into a state of rest.

4.      Diet

Some researchers think that hair loss could be caused by not getting enough of a vitamin or nutrient. People think that not getting enough of the following may slow hair growth:

·         iron

·         zinc

·         vitamin B-6

·         vitamin B-12

You should talk to your doctor or a nutritionist if you get most of these nutrients from vitamins. They can help you come up with a healthy way to eat. Crash dieting is not good because it has been linked to TE.

How to treat the condition of telogen effluvium?

Changes to your lifestyle or over-the-counter (OTC) products can be used to treat TE. The best way to treat it is to figure out what’s causing it, whether it’s your environment, your hormones, or how you live your life.

•          Pay attention to diet and nutrition

You might not get enough of some essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair. Thus, get in touch with the doctor and check your vitamin D, zinc, or iron levels. To get all the minerals and nutrients in a balancing state, follow a healthy and proper diet routine.

•          Pay attention to hair care

If you have TE, you should be careful when you style or comb. Don’t dry with a blow dryer; straighten it, or curl it until your condition improves. Getting your hair colored or highlighted a lot during this time can also hurt and stop it from growing.

•          Go to the pharmacy for help

Over-the-counter (OTC) products may also help hair grow back. Look for the product which has 5% minoxidil. This product is best to use over the scalp daily. It works through an active phase of the hair follicle to perform a new growth known as anagen, which can last for a long time.


TE hair loss doesn’t last for good. Even though your hair will probably grow back in its usual way in six months, it could take between a year and 18 months for your hair to look like it did before.

You should immediately see the doctor if the signs get worse. They can help you determine what’s causing your hair loss and devise a plan to treat it.

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