Strip Hair Transplant


Baldness is something that really changes the entire personality of a person. You lose self confidence and it lowers the self esteem as well. For such people who desire to have their baldness or hair loss treatment Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry offers hair transplant in Pakistan by FUE and FUT method. It is a simple, yet unique technique. The procedure is different from hair replacement in which people use wigs and hair systems. It is the most common surgical treatment for hair loss. Hair replacement implicates using artificial or human hair to provisionally cover a bald area. When we compare Natural growing hair with replacement systems or wigs then surgical hair transplant in Pakistan is more economical and affordable. Artificial hair replacement system requires every month maintenance and expenditure while hair restoration procedure is a permanent solution. It does not require maintenance.

How hair transplant surgery works step by step?

  • Meeting the physician by taking photographs of your hair loss before procedure to detect the bald area that is to be treated.
  • Finalizing the details of the procedure by using a surgical pen to designate the treatment areas, shape and hairline position.
  • Preparation of donor area and harvesting of the donor follicles.
  • Trimming in the donor area, assuring to reserve the surrounding hair with rubber bands to cover the donor area after the process.
  • Giving local anesthesia to numb the donor area and ensuring that the patient is completely comfortable during the removal of the strip.
  • Removing the tissue in the donor area at the back and side of the head.
  • Once the donor strip is removed that area is sewed and the protected hair (the one with the rubber band) will completely cover the sewed area.
  • Once the donor tissue is dissected the follicular units will be prepared for placement.
  • The donor stripes will be divided into slivers and follicle grouping which comprises one, two, three, or four follicles.
  • Tiny openings on the scalp will be made for the follicular units to be placed.
  • Inspection of the newly placed grafts to guarantee proper placement.
  • Hair restoration is complete.

How to care for the transplanted sites?

  • Proper medication for sleep and discomfort which the patient might have.
  • While sleeping your head should be raised with pillows for the first two nights after the surgery.
  • Patients are encouraged to return to get their head washed and the recipient sites inspected.
  • Those who have hair transplant in Pakistan by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry’s clinic visit next day for washing of head by their staff members
  • Swelling and redness may appear on the forehead in rare cases which will be subsided in one or two days after the procedure.

Truth you should expect after the surgery!

  • It is an expensive procedure and the price depends on the amount of grafts that has to be transplanted.
  • It is a risky and invasive procedure that has had some side effects too.
  • During the healing process the donor may face hair loss for two to five weeks which is very normal.
  • Patients have to take vitamin supplements even after the surgery.
  • The Healing process differs from person to person.
  • Scar mark will be visible in the shape of linear line
  • Numbness may persist from a few weeks to few months.
  • More discomfort after the procedure as compare to FUE Procedure
  • Stiff neck and muscles due to tension the stitches area
  • Revisit after 8-14 days for removal of stitches.
  • Limited donor area grafts harvesting as strips produces a specific number of grafts.
  • You may see the final result after a year.
Restoring your naturally growing hair for life!

When surgery is rightly done, its result is so natural that nobody can detect it. Now the bald people can have the best time of their life in which they will confidently move around and have a younger looking personality. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has 20 years experience and a large number of operated patients all across the country and across the globe as well. Before undergoing Hair Transplant in Pakistan at his clinic, one may meet his operated or treated patients to see results.

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