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Hair Graft Placement is a critical aspect of hair transplant surgery that directly impacts the success and aesthetic appeal of the procedure. The Sharp Implanter Method, an innovative technique, offers remarkable precision and control in hair placement, leading to more natural- looking outcomes. This guide provides a comprehensive overview of this technique and its practical application in the field of hair restoration surgery.

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Hair graft placement with implanter technique

The Sharp Implanter Method revolutionizes by facilitating the simultaneous creation of the recipient site and implantation of the hair follicle. This step is accomplished with a device known as a sharp implanter, which significantly reduces trauma to the recipient area and maximizes the survival rate of the hair grafts. Here are the points detailing the technique:

1. Preparing the Donor Area: The first step in hair placement using the Sharp Implanter Method involves preparing the donor area. This usually involves trimming the hair in the donor site and applying a local anesthetic to numb the area and reduce discomfort during the extraction process.
2. Extraction of Grafts: The next step is the extraction of grafts. This process must be performed with great precision to ensure that the follicles are not damaged.
3. Preparing the Hair Grafts: Once the grafts have been extracted, they are prepared for transplantation. This involves trimming the grafts to the correct size and placing them in a special solution to keep them healthy and viable for implantation.
4. Hair Graft Placement: With the Sharp Implanter method, creating the recipient site and implanting the hair follicle are done simultaneously. The sharp implanter is used to create a small incision in the recipient area and, at the same time, the follicle is implanted. This reduces trauma to the recipient area and increases the survival rate of the follicles.

5. Post-Procedure Care: After the procedure, patients are given instructions on how to care for their newly implanted hair. This includes advice on washing and styling the hair, as well as guidance on what to avoid in the first few weeks after the surgery to ensure the best possible result.

Mechanics of Sharp Implanter Method

The practical application of the Sharp Implanter Method involves several meticulous steps. First, the surgeon loads each hair graft into an implanter pen, ensuring the graft is properly oriented. The pen’s needle is then inserted into the scalp at the desired location and depth. Once the needle is withdrawn, the hair graft remains at the site, perfectly placed. The surgeon can control the angle, depth, and direction of the hair placement, ensuring an extremely natural appearance that matches the existing hair growth pattern.


In addition to precision and control, the Sharp Implanter Method brings several other advantages to Hair Graft Placement. This technique enables higher hair density transplants without causing trauma or damage to the recipient area. Additionally, it significantly reduces the out-of-body time for the grafts, enhancing their survival rate.

Absolutely, here are some advantages of the Sharp Implanter Method for Hair Graft Placement:

1. Minimized Tissue Damage: Unlike traditional methods that require pre-made incisions, the Sharp Implanter technique creates the recipient site and implants the graft simultaneously. This significantly reduces trauma to the scalp, resulting in less tissue damage.
2. Higher Graft Survival Rate: By reducing trauma to the recipient area, the Sharp Implanter Method enhances the survival rate of hair grafts. The quicker, more precise implantation minimizes the time the grafts are outside the body, improving their overall survival.
3. Faster Procedure: The simultaneous creation of the recipient site and implantation of the graft leads to a quicker procedure. This reduces the duration of the surgery and thus, the patient’s discomfort.

4. Natural-Looking Results: The precision offered by the Sharp Implanter allows for a higher degree of control over the direction, depth, and angle of the graft placement, leading to a more natural and aesthetically pleasing result.
5. Improved Postoperative Recovery: Since the method is less invasive, patients typically experience less post-operative pain and a quicker recovery period.

Expertise Required for Hair Graft Placement

While the Sharp Implanter Method enhances the hair transplantation process, mastering this technique requires expertise and precision. Surgeons must have an in-depth understanding of hair angles and direction to create a natural and aesthetically pleasing outcome. Moreover, they must be proficient in handling the implanter pen and placing the grafts without damaging them. Regular practice and hands-on training are critical to mastering this innovative technique.


The Sharp Implanter Method is transforming the landscape of hair transplantation, offering a more efficient, less invasive, and highly precise alternative to traditional techniques. However, its success hinges on the surgeon’s skill and understanding of the intricacies involved. With the right expertise, this method can truly revolutionize hair transplant procedures, leading to more natural, denser, and aesthetically appealing outcomes.

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