Female Hair Transplant

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Female hair transplant in Lahore by foreign qualified and experienced hair restoration doctor is performed to increase front hairline density, broader or wide forehead can be decreased by lowering frontal hairline in a natural way. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has more than 18 years experience and performed many female hair transplants in Lahore at his Cosmoderma clinic. Hair restoration may seem to be the best and most suitable solution of  hair loss, but it should be kept in mind that transplant is not suitable for all patients. Sometimes, it may not suit the candidate’s reason for hair loss or may be the quantity of damage already done. The hair loss is more commonly seen in males than in females, but due to a variety of reasons, women can of course experience this condition and can stress more about it, giving a serious touch to this hair loss problem. Studies suggest that reasons like genetics, hormonal imbalances, child birth, strong medications, and stress, etc. When we talk about the difference between male and female baldness, you may understand that male baldness is more common and have wider patches of no hair. However, the female candidates were not widely considered as sensible candidates like males, so less number of procedure. With the advancements and introduction of latest technologies to this world, stressed females of the society were finally given an opportunity to have a permanent solution of excessive hair loss or pattern baldness. Here, after knowing about the advancements and other details, a question arises:- are women even good candidates  for surgical hair restoration? Well, here are some arguments that will prove the facts and will help us decide for the bigger decision. Making dense and lowering of front hairline through female hair transplant in Lahore by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.

Female hair transplant

It is not a common believe that hair transplant works for women as efficiently as useful as it is for men, and in reality it is true. This is not a myth or gender discrimination, but fact.  The treatment of thinning hair actually relies on the reason and other factors that relate to hair loss. The causes of hair fall in women and men are quite different and it should be kept in mind that a very few women become a good candidate because of the weak hair follicles. Yes, women who suffer pattern baldness may have weaker hair follicles all over the scalp and not merely on the bald patches.Because of these weaker hair follicles spread all over the scalp, doctor may face difficulties while planting the healthy ones and keeping the successful surgery results for a longer period. Unlike men, women suffer or experience the pattern baldness or more commonly hair thinning. So, in the case of female hair thinning, the purpose of hair restoration, that is to replace the unhealthy hair follicles with the healthy ones, dies away. It is not a method to thicken the volume of hair. Therefore, if you are a female and is considering it, visit a specialized and highly capable surgeon so that he can identify the cause first before undergoing the hair loss treatment.

Female hair transplant in Lahore – real candidates?

Studies and experiences of surgeons claim that unfortunately, a very few women out of so many women who wants to undergo hair restoration gets benefit from this highly appreciated technique. The ‘some’ women who get this amazing permanent solution are usually the ones who have lost their precious hair because of some non-hormonal causes, pattern of hair loss near or similar to male baldness pattern, cause of hair loss is alopecia marginalis, suffering from hair loss mainly caused by mechanical or traction (tug) baldness, had a prior plastic surgery, or the candidate has lost the hair because of burning or some similar accident. If the female candidate has undergone through any such condition or cause, she may adopt any transplantation method and will surely get the desired results, only if she remembers to contact any skilled surgeon.


Common Procedures for Female  hair transplant in Lahore

If a women qualifies for a hair transplant method, the question arises that what process is she going to adopt? Well, all around the globe, two methods of hair regrowth are adopted,

  • Follicle unit extraction (FUE)
  • Strip method

FUE hair transplant in Female patients

Is FUE treatment different for both the genders? No, the answer is definitely no. The treatment, its results and its processes are exactly the same in both the genders. In the treatment, healthy hair follicles are taken, usually from the back or sides of the head, and are placed on the affected areas. The follicles are placed  with the help of small cuts or incisions. These cuts are so small and minute that no visible scar remains at the end of the day. However, high skills and excellent abilities are required in this method. The method is highly appreciated and preferred over the other method because of its convenience and minimum scarring quality.The only fact that makes this technique unsuitable for female candidates is that if there is a greater affected area and more than 2000 grafts are required, the donor area is to be shaved, which is not acceptable to 99% of the suitable candidates.

FUT/Strip method

This is another method of hair regrowth, in this method a different technique than FUE method is used. The method is best suited for people with a larger bald area, which makes very few female candidates suitable. This process starts by injecting a few injections to control the pain. Then by using blades, small slits are created in the recipient area and the strip of healthy hair follicles is placed on the affected place.  Apart from cuttings, stitching and marks, the method demand for high skills and experience to be successful. Women with larger bald area may go for this method as it is more reliable and scars can hide under their long silky hair. No worries there.

Female hair transplant Results in Lahore

The results of these surgical treatments in females can be as good as are seen in male candidates, only if proper care, expertise and skills by the doctor are used. Postoperative precautions and measurements should be taken great care of to make the results better and to avoid any infections or other complications related to such surgeries. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is an experienced hair restoration surgeon and performing female hair transplant in Lahore at his clinic after careful screening and evaluation.