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Female hair transplant clinic in Lahore is providing hair loss treatment for the last twenty years through medicine & FUE hair restoration techniques. Even though most of the cases are associated with male pattern baldness however female hair thinning or alopecia is also common. Women also undergo hair restoration surgeries. 90% of the balding cases in men can be solved with surgical hair restoration but this is not the same for women. There are very few women who make good candidates for this procedure. As there are different kinds of hair losses, the solutions for them are also different.

Is it Suitable for female?

While males suffer from pattern baldness, women suffer from diffuse hair loss, mostly. This is the kind of hair loss in which hair thinning takes place in all regions of the head especially the back and sides. The dilemma in this case is that these are the regions from where hair is taken and then transplanted to recipient areas. If there is no hair in the donor areas, how would the transplant take place?

In men, DHT makes the follicles weak and that is why the frontal region of the head is bald. However, in females, DHT makes hair all over the head thinner. So, if follicles are taken out from these areas, the hair will fall out. Even if this procedure is done, the surgeon has to be very careful because there are many chances of unsuccessful transplant.

Female hair transplant Lahore

Are You a Candidate?

Your surgeon would decide if you are a good candidate for Female hair transplant, depending on your condition and the extent of hair thinning. Experts say that 2 to 5% of the women suffering from hair loss can benefit from surgical procedure. Women who have lost hair due to non-hormonal or mechanical alopecia are candidates for this procedure. Also, women who have had surgery before will also benefit from it. As a result of previous surgeries, most women have hair loss on incision sites and these can be covered with transplant.

The prime candidates for this type of procedure are women who have the same thinning pattern as seen in male pattern baldness. In this case, frontal hair is missing and there is still hair on the sides and back of heads to act as donor region. In some cases, burns and injuries can cause hair loss and these women can also get hair restoration. This is because they do not have thinning hair on the back of their heads. The procedure of hair transplant is similar in case of males and females. The only issue that is faced is that most women do not have enough hair at the back of their head that could be donated to the front or top region. In this case, your surgeon would normally suggest against the surgery.

Find the best Surgeon

When going for Female hair transplant, make sure that your surgeon is fully qualified because this is a complex procedure. Do not go for sub-standard clinics because some surgeons would take economic benefit of their patients. Do your own research and then find the best surgeon in your region.

If you are looking for female hair transplant in Lahore, Cosmoderma clinic is a best place where an experienced and foreign qualified surgeon will perform your procedure.

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