4000 grafts hair transplant

  4000 grafts hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan is a major query when most people visit for consultation. To make it simple and understand various factors for price we put all relevant information below. This is equal to about 8,000 hairs by FUT or about 6,000 hairs by FUE. Note that there are usually […]

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Hair transplant guarantee

  If you are looking for a hair transplant guarantee regarding results and quality then definitely you are at the right place. Though no surgeon can give 100 % surety however our clinic can replace your failed grafts with healthy and growing hair. Hair restoration when done through surgery is usually an ambulatory procedure, which

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Hair restoration solutions

  Hair restoration solutions for men and women in Lahore Pakistan are available at Cosmoderma clinic.  As you start growing older, it is quite natural and common to experience the hairline starting to recede. This condition is known as androgenetic alopecia which is affecting more than 50 million men and around 30 million women in

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transplanted hair fall out

Transplanted hair fall out

  Transplanted hair fall out is common after treatment. But this is curable. Hair loss has many reasons. You can face this problem in any age group. Hormones imbalance, diseases, trauma, and so on can be the reason for shedding. It makes your confidence and personality flimsy and broken. You can get back your charming

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Hair Transplant Results

  Hair transplant results depend on numerous factors that play a major role in the successful surgery. Hair implant surgery is not complex, but a crucial surgery. As it had become a ubiquitous problem so it was necessary to find the perfect solution to overcome this problem. Doctors have successfully found many treatments that success

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Doctor for hair fall Lahore Pakistan

Doctor for hair fall

  Doctor for hair fall should be a person having a great deal of knowledge in various stages of the hair life cycle, the physiology behind shedding, the causes that can result in hair fall, various thinning habits and diseases causing alopecia. He should have a firm knowledge how to stop male and female alopecia

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Alopecia Barbae treatment Lahore Pakistan

Alopecia Barbae treatment

  Alopecia barbae is an autoimmune disorder in which there is a gradual hair loss from the face region of male or there is no beard growth or the growth has stopped in men. This arises or occurs due to the disturbance in the body immunology and starts attacking mistakenly the health hair follicles or

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