Hair restoration best treatment

Several hair restoration treatments are available for indemnifying falling hairs. These include from simple to complex procedures. New advances have been made in this field day by day. FUE and FUT hair transplant are among the most commonly employed procedures to get a redefined hairline and coverage of pattern baldness. They are applicable to a wide range of population however, the most fit technique that might suit someone is often found by having consultation with a dermatologist. Different people have different expectations after a transplant. Moreover, FUE and FUT are mostly carried out when there are excess hairs at the donor site. We can conclude that hair restoration treatment which might be ideal for one person might not give the same results in the other person. The first hair transplant was introduced in japan in 1939.  It involves transfer of large tufts of hairs. This was called the plug technique and was in practice for quite a time period. The main problem that was highlighted by the participants for hair transplant was visible transplanted hairs on the operated area. Later on, efforts to improve this problem led to development of new and advanced hair transplant procedures.

In the patients who have been losing hair as a result of medical treatments such as chemotherapy, stress and inflammatory conditions, the hair loss can be reversed by eliminating the causative factors. New hairs grow in a few days quitting chemotherapy, radiation therapy and treating inflammatory conditions. If hair fall is due to stress, meditation helps to reverse hair loss. Taking insufficient diet can lead to malnutrition and this can also trigger hair loss. In such cases, correcting the dietary intake and including a protein rich diet can be a better option. This shows that hair restoration procedures are best when balding or thinning is due to injury or genetic factors.

What is the most effective hair regrowth treatment?

Hairs can be grown effectively by an aggressive home treatment plan which does not require high expenses and surgical procedure. This includes using minoxidil and finasteride in combination with a laser band. Minoxidil and finasteride are over the counter medications for improving hair growth. Laser emitting bands are wearable devices that emit low intensity lasers that transmit energy to the follicles and help in regrowth. Studies have shown that if used concomitantly, have synergistic effect on hair growth and circulation to the scalp.

What hair restoration actually works?

Different approaches are available and they work differently among different individuals. People who have enough hair on the donor sites can go for FUE and FUT hair transplant. These procedures are efficient for treating receding hairlines. The major drawback of FUT procedure is the visible scar which can be minimized by choosing FUE in which follicular units are extracted instead of strips from the donor area. A few months are needed for healing and hair regrowth. It is an invasive treatment through hair growth that is seen in almost all cases.

What’s the best treatment for baldness?

Best hair restoration treatment available so far, the minimum possibility of side effects is the ARTAS robotic hair transplant. It consists of a robotic arm that determines the number of hair follicles needed to be transplanted. It also predicts the healthy hairs which can be used as donor hairs. the chances of personal errors are minimized in this technique. The robotic arm then implants the extracted follicles in the recipient’s area. High precision and accuracy are the main benefits of this technique, however it is an advanced technique and requires skill. The surgeon uses his skill in tuning up the process after robot function.

What is the best hair restoration?

Some more procedures offering the maximum benefits and minimum chances of complications include the PRP treatments and hair cloning. PRP works by using the patient’s plasma to extract cells which stimulate hair growth plasma rich proteins are derived from the platelet rich growth factor. They kick start dormant hair follicles leading to the growth of new hairs. In most cases, PRP is seen to improve the survival of hair follicles. Hair cloning is another procedure known to improve the hair growth by cloning the healthy hair cells in the lab. Once the extracted hair cells show growth in vitro, they are mixed in skin cells and injected into the scalp.

Does anything really regrow hairs?

Hair restoration treatments usually work by regrowing the hairs if the hair loss is not permanent and complete. It also depends upon the growth of hair follicles; which are small structures that support the growth of hairs. if the follicles are closed, they might not be able to support hair growth again. Similarly, scarred and disappeared follicles cannot initiate regrowth of hairs. If a follicle is weak to support hair growth, regrowing hairs will be a difficult task.

Will baldness be cured by 2021?

Scientists are working to discover new procedures for hair restoration. A new drug entity SM04554 is expected to undergo its third phase of clinical trials in 2021. It works by reducing the hair loss by a protein pathway that helps in regulation of hair growth by surface cell receptors. This medicine is supposed to increase the active hair follicles, stop hair fall and repair hair follicles. This medicine is a big step towards curing baldness but it is in the trial phase and needs some time to get approved by FDA and be available to the public.

Can you reverse hair thinning?

Hair thinning is the initial sign of baldness and it can be reversed by hair restoration treatments if the hairs are at initial stages of thinning. It can be reversed by some simple approaches as well which includes reducing the stressors, exploring hair loss treatments, following a protein rich diet, considering hair care products, and adding hair care in daily routine. You should immediately talk to your dermatologist if you think that hair thinning is progressing and get the most suitable treatment started in a go to reverse thinning of strands.

Can I get hair restoration the best treatment in Lahore Pakistan?

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