DHI FUE Hair Transplant Results Lahore Pakistan

DHI FUE Hair Transplant Results


According to a recent report, more than 85% of men experience thinning hairs at the age of 50. And when it comes to women, they experience constant hair loss throughout their whole life which normally starts from pregnancy. As medical technology has been advancing, there have been various types of hair transplant treatment that have been introduced for hair loss prevention. The two most common methods are Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and the second is, follicular unit extraction (FUE).

As we talk about FUT, the hair surgeon will cut a small strip of hairs from the backside of your scalp and later on extract the individual hair follicles. But for the FUE, the surgeon will remove off the follicles directly from the scalp. The only thing which is common between the two treatments is that the follicles will be implanted into certain balding parts of a human scalp.

DHI is known as “Direct hair implantation”. This implantation treatment is the modification of the FUE technique. The choi implanter instrument was initially introduced by a Korean doctor used in this technique. Many companies and countries have introduced hair implanter with some modifications. 

For the DHI, the surgeon will use a specialized pen-shaped style of tool that can perform both tasks at the same time. Let’s get into a more in-depth discussion about DHI surgery for hair loss treatment.

Is DHI better than FUE?       

During the FUE treatment, the surgeon will manually cut down the series of canals from the scalp just to insert certain follicles. This technique of DHI will allow the surgeons to create all these incisions as well as implant the hairs. Both FUE and DHI will avoid the long scars which are caused by FUT. But still, these surgeries are costly and are time-consuming based.

Who can have the DHI procedure?

The majority of the people are suffering from androgenic alopecia which is a common condition of hair loss. And if you are suffering from the same issue, then the DHI procedure is recommended for you. Both males and females can suffer from it.

You can also be a good candidate for this transplant treatment if you have the below characteristics:

  • Age: People who are getting the transplant treatment, should be at the age of 25 years old. Before this age, hair loss is more predictable.
  • Hair diameter: Those people who have thicker hair texture will receive better results as compared to those who have thinner hairs. Thicker hairs will give each of the hair follicles with more coverage.
  • Donor hair density: Those patients who are having a hair density which is less than 40 follicles are not the right candidate for this treatment.
  • Hair color: Plus, those people who have lighter hair color or have the hair color which is closer to their skin complexion will achieve better results.
  • Expectations: Those people with realistic expectations are yet most likely to be extra satisfied with their final results.

Will hair grow again after the FUE hair transplant donor area?

Well, its answer will be “NO”! Just like the surrounding cells and follicles are completely removed from the below area of the scalp surface, re-growth of hairs at the donor site is not possible. It will merely take place over those areas of the donor site where hair follicles are not yet removed.

How effective is a DHI hair transplant?

Although no research has been found related to the effectiveness of the DHI transplant this surgery has the ultimate potential where it can treat hair loss. It is recommended for both male and female pattern baldness, where it is relatively expensive.

Is DHI Hair Transplant Painful?

Its answer will be “NO”! You will not be feeling too much pain in DHI due to the sedation which is given under the direct supervision of expert surgeons of anesthesiologists. There are very less chances that you will experience the infection or any sort of pain. Very few people will mention getting pain from the transplant treatment otherwise it is a complete pain-free technique of hair restoration.

How much does a DHI hair transplant cost?

DHI transplant cost varies between 150,000 and 3,50000 Pak Rupees. This cost is based on the city where the surgery is being performed and the number of hairs that are being transplanted. DHI is a cosmetic surgery, so no insurance company will cover it. If you want to reduce the overall cost, then, choose to travel towards a cheaper geographic location like Pakistan or by reducing the total number of hair follicles that have been transplanted.


To sum up the whole discussion, DHI is known to be the modified version of the FUE hair implantation. Its effectiveness is very clear and it has the potential where it plays an important role to treat the hair loss caused by the male or female pattern baldness.

Can I see DHI Fue hair transplant results 2021 in Lahore Pakistan?

Yes you can go to our before and after photo gallery and see the impressive results. You may also get an appointment for free check up and evaluation. 

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