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Hair transplant results depend on numerous factors that play a major role in the successful surgery. Hair implant surgery is not complex, but a crucial surgery. As it had become a ubiquitous problem so it was necessary to find the perfect solution to overcome this problem. Doctors have successfully found many treatments that success rate falls in between 70% to 95%. Surgical hair loss treatment involves harvesting, grafting and replanting of the hairs. It has different methods and every method gives results according to it.

  • Best hair transplant surgery results in Lahore Pakistan

Surgical hair restoration surgery is considered as the best solution to tackle this baldness problem because new hairs give a quiet natural look if the treatment is done successfully. The color and texture of hairs will be the same. It does not give a patchy look and foremost modern methods do not leave any visible scar.

Best hair transplants in Lahore

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  • FUE hair transplant results

Follicular unit extraction is a relatively less complicated surgery. In this method, the surgeon extracts the hairs from the donor site with the help of micro punch tools either individually or in graft form and then replanted into the scalps of the bald area. It does not leave any prominent scar and give quite a natural look. If hair regrowth is performed in combination with platelet-rich-plasma treatment, then it will give much better results because it acts as a catalyst to boost the hair growth.



Top hair transplant results in Lahore

  • Bad hair transplant results

Sometimes, unfortunately because of some internal and external reasons restoration surgery can result in failure. A bad surgery can result in a number of undesirable results like noticeable implant clusters and unnatural hairline. When the transplanted hair grafts are too large, they may grow in the form of patches and give quite an unnatural look. Before starting the treatment, the surgeon draws the sketch of the hairline. When they carelessly draw or do not draw the hairline, it may become disoriented and may come too far forward and too broad. Transplantation in the wrong direction and with the incorrect angle can give an unrealistic and fake look. Because of large incisions, scars can also become visible at the recipient site and the donor site.

Bad hair transplant results

  • Hair transplant results month by month

Initially, the recovery takes time and then hairs start to grow. After the procedure, the patient can notice a visible new hairline and new implanted hairs. There are some chances of terseness, redness and swelling, but it would not last for so long. Roughly, three weeks after the procedure, the patient might notice shedding of transplanted hair. It happens because of a temporary dormant phase that happens after hair restoration surgery. Over the next several weeks, the patient can expect to see a few new sprouts of hairs. By the fifth month of the procedure, the patient can notice considerable growth of transplanted hairs. Between the eight to ten months, the patient will see the impressive difference since the initial procedure. After a year, the patient will notice the final result. However improvements may still be seen for a year after the surgery.

  • Are hair transplant results permanent?

It is natural to wonder if the treatment is effective and permanent. Surgical hair replacement is permanent, but there are possibilities that with the passing time, the hair follicles will start thinning, but they will produce many hairs that will stay for the rest of the life. If the hairs keep thinning continuously, the hairline will not recede according to your previous pattern of natural hair loss.


Surgical restoration is like an art that a doctor performs while considering the face, age, the density of hairs, and style of hairline to give a quite natural look to a patient. The outcome can be expected and unexpected. It depends on the doctor and the patient himself plays a crucial role in it by following the precautionary measures. 

Can I improve my failed hair restoration results through repair in Lahore Pakistan?

Yes, Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is a Board Certified hair restoration surgery and did his specialization from Paris France. He has more than 21 years experienced to  repair or correct  bad or poorly performed procedure results. To get his honest and unbiased opinion you may visit him personally or send close up photos through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999