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Hair restoration solutions for men and women in Lahore Pakistan are available at Cosmoderma clinic.  As you start growing older, it is quite natural and common to experience the hairline starting to recede. This condition is known as androgenetic alopecia which is affecting more than 50 million men and around 30 million women in the United States. When it comes to men, this hair loss problem is known as “male pattern baldness.” It starts from the front side of the scalp and will recede the whole hairline in a completely predictable pattern. Women who are suffering from androgenetic alopecia will experience a much more general thinning of the hair over the heads. Nevertheless, their hairlines may somehow recede slightly as well.

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Hair restoration solutions for men and women in Lahore Pakistan 

You can know a quick detail about hair restoration solutions and various surgical procedures for a better solution to reverse the thinning of your hairline.

Is it easy to live with hair loss?

Although facing hair loss is quite common but still it gives you a feeling of sadness once you start losing it. Hair is an integral part of any individual identity and it is extremely hard to regrow your hair naturally. There is no need to feel self-conscious and embarrassed about the loss of hair so take a suitable decision in terms of any restoration treatment.

There is no need to accept losing your hair as inevitable. You do have a choice to pick some natural treatments or home remedies to instantly stop your hair loss. If home remedies don’t show the required results, then heading to some OTC medications or in-office treatments is the best solution. New medications and products have been also launched but avoid taking them until your doctor doesn’t prescribe you.

Which is the best treatment for baldness?

The best restoration treatment for baldness is hair transplant surgery. If none of the treatments show successful results to restore the hairline, then considering hair transplant surgery is the best option. It has been existing over the last so many years which is generally divided into FUE and FUT.

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These surgeries are known to be minimally invasive and hence they do have long-lasting or either permanent results. In this surgery, the surgeon will take your hair follicles from various parts of the scalp and grafts them individually onto the front section of your scalp and few other places where the surgeon feels that the hair loss is noticeable.

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Different cosmetic treatments for hair restoration solutions

 To successfully cover the hair thinning, you can use some OTC products to achieve a natural growth of hairs. Some of the products are available with wearable helmet-like appliances that all claim to stimulate successful hair growth.

Let’s discuss the top 3 most recommended cosmetic treatment for the restoration:

·         Toupees are the hair accessories that can hide your thinning hairs. They are fully customizable and they can be made up of natural hair which is matching your hair color.

·         Scalp sprays are hair products that you can apply straight on your hair. This spray product is excellent to add color to your scalp for an attractive hairline appearance. Hence this color will wash off easily and is temporary.

·         Light therapy devices are also known as laser caps or hair growth helmets. It is worn on the head in an attempt to fully stimulate hair growth. These devices are not so effective as compared to the light therapy treatments which are administered in a completely professional setting.

How much does the average hair restoration cost?

The cost of the hair restoration solutions for men and women in Lahore Pakistan is extremely variable and will typically range from $4,000 to $15,000. This cost might be out of the budgeted pocket of any ordinary person. Some insurance companies do consider going for a hair transplant as a cosmetic procedure. This overall cost of hair transplants is fully dependent on various factors.

Is hair transplant permanent?

Hair transplantation is also known as hair restoration which works as the outpatient procedure with the use of micro-grafting technology to donate hair follicles at various areas of the scalp which are thinning. Hence it shows results which are long-lasting and are considered to be 100% permanent.


It is a natural sign of aging to start losing your hair which is common among both males and females. Thinning of hair happens due to certain issues of genetics or stress. For some people, the hairline is a sign of maturity and wisdom which you never wanted to lose.

If you are concerned about your hairline restoration and fixing hair loss, then you are definitely left with numerous treatment options. As much early you will start the hairline treatment, the better results you will achieve. You just have to maintain it after the surgery to have a proper growth of natural hairs.

Consult a hair specialist right now before it gets too late!

Where to contact for hair restoration solutions for men and women in Lahore Pakistan?

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