Alopecia Barbae treatment Lahore Pakistan

Alopecia Barbae treatment


Alopecia barbae is an autoimmune disorder in which there is a gradual hair loss from the face region of male or there is no beard growth or the growth has stopped in men. This arises or occurs due to the disturbance in the body immunology and starts attacking mistakenly the health hair follicles or cells. The hair loss is mostly seen in the form of patches, that is you may lose beard hair in small patches.

·         What causes alopecia barbae?

The exact cause is unknown while most of the people believe that it may be caused by an autoimmune disorder in which the own body cells (immune cells) attacks the hair follicles which leads to their damage and stops the hair growth in the beard area which can be in form of patches. These hair patches may be in the form of circular patterns, seen along with the jaw line or in some cases no hair growth is seen in the beard region of many individuals as well. Genetics may also be considered as the core cause of this kind of alopecia and which may be associated with allergies, asthma and other disorders. Some other causes can include having long term diabetes or psoriasis or lupus. Different types of viruses, environmental factors and long term medicine therapy can also trigger this condition.

·            Is alopecia barbae permanent?

Yes it is permanent and its treatment is not available till now. However, its symptoms can be treated and managed to reduce hair loss and in some cases re growth of hair is also seen in the beard region of many individuals.

·         How long does patchy hair loss in the beard take to grow back?

However, it cannot be treated fully but is a manageable disorder when it is managed properly by medication and by proper adaptations in daily routines of the individual. Hair growth can see within 6 to 8 months or within 1 year of time span.

·           Is alopecia barbae contagious?

The condition is not a contagious disorder. It does not spread, or you cannot catch it from an individual having it. Researchers believe that it is a genetic disorder but not contagious as it does not spread from person to person.

·           How do I fix bald spots in my beard?

Alopecia barbae can be fixed by controlling auto immune responses, as by controlling inflammatory reactions that attack at hair follicles and reduce hair growth and promote patch formation. By fixing these reactions re growth of hair is possible and this can be achieved by using various medication therapies some of them are discussed as under:

Corticosteroids: corticosteroids are anti-inflammatory drugs, which means it reduces inflammation and controls immune reactions so that the immune system will not react or attack the hair follicles. They are either given topically or orally in the form of shots.

Minoxidil: it is one of the drugs that is majorly used in the treatment of baldness and is administered topically.

Diphencyprone (DPCP): is a medicine used to treat patched pattern baldness. The pattern of this medication is to cause allergic reactions followed by itching redness and swelling, which makes the immune system to spend white blood cells to manage induced allergic reaction and in this way the inflammation is much controlled.

Anthralin: It is an ointment preparation that is applied topically. It is a type of tar colored cream which is used to treat alopecia barbae. It is applied in the bald area and the hair growth is seen within 8 to 12 weeks.

There are some home remedies as well which may include using garlic as garlic shows recommended growth by rubbing garlic pieces over the bald area or by using garlic pastes topically, zinc and biotin supplements are taken orally as both are very good source of nutrients and can show hair growth as well or by using viviscal a marine extract mineral used to treat hair loss and by using aloe Vera as it is a very good source of growing hairs. All these remedies can be useful in treating this condition

·         What causes white patches in the beard?

White patches in the beard may be due to ringworm disease, chemotherapy and beard dandruff stands among the major reasons. These white patches can be treated or managed by treating the major or core causes which may include treating with certain kinds of medication or avoiding some medication therapies.

·         Alopecia Barbae treatment cost in Lahore Pakistan

The treatment costs about 5000 to 25000 Pak Rupees. The treatment is in the form of maintenance treatment with a time span of  4 to 6 months with 5000 Rs of weekly injections. To get an appointment for treatment or check up you may call or whatsApp +92-333-430-9999