Fue hair transplant cost Lahore

Fue hair transplant cost Lahore

FUE hair transplant cost Lahore varies from clinic to clinic and there are many more factors on which it depends. It is a surgical transfer of hairs from the donor site to the balding area. It aims to restore the prior hair growth in the recipient site. Hair fall is a universal problem and around 80% people face this problem in their lifetime. There are many factors that can trigger hair fall, like poor diet, hormonal imbalance, stress, etc. The cost of its treatment range from 60,000 to 150,000 Pak Rupees but it increases and decreases according to many factor. In subtotal, the charges that are being included are the surgeon’s fee, operation theater fee, the medicines fee that will be used during the treatment and the fee of other assistant doctors that will take part in the surgery.

Fue hair transplant cost Lahore

Factors determine Fue hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan

FUE hair transplant is very effective techniques to restore hair. As oppose to the classic technique FUT, grafts are extracted and implanted one by one, and no strip of skin is extracted. As a result, it does not leave any visible scar and ensures natural-looking results. The procedure starts by cleaning the scalps and after that the surgeon shaves the donor site and recipient site, leaving hair about 2mm in length. Then surgeon will remove individual grafts from the skin and places them into a storage solution. This method of hair restoration is minimally invasive that involve the use of a micro punch tool of 0.8mm to 1.00 mm to extract the follicles from the donor site. Once the extraction process complete, the surgeon will make the slits for the graft implantation. The follicles are passed through the slits and closed out.

An average Fue hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan

FUE hair transplant cost generally falls in range of 60,000 to 150,000 Pak Rupees, but the cost also depends on many factors, including the center you choose. Because of poor diet, the number of people who are facing this problem is increasing day by day so demand of surgeons is increasing and directly the number of transplant centers is also rising. Every clinic has its own reputation and quality of services. So, if a patient chooses a center of high reputation and excellent services, it can charge even higher than estimate. The price also depends on the number of grafts that are being transplanted. If there will be a large number of follicles to transplant, surgery would last long and the cost will rise. Another factor is which doctor is performing in the operation. Experienced doctors charge more as compare to the freshers. There are possibilities of infection and damage of slits as this treatment is done with injections. Experienced doctor will have better hold over injection and the chances of risk will be less. The cost, highly depends on this factor. If the high quantity technique will be used in the treatment, costs will automatically increase. Follicular unit extraction technique charges also depends on number of grafts. If the grafts will be less, then the charges will be less, for more grafts then the charges will be higher.

FUE hair transplant cost is a common question asked by the patients when they go for the treatment, but doctors can only determine it after examining the donor area and recipient area during the initial consultation because this treatment depends on many factors which play major role in the variation of cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of 3000 grafts in Lahore Pakistan?

The price for 3000 grafts is 80,000 Rs to 150,000 Pak Rupees.

Can I get 4000 grafts through Fue in a single session and cost for 4000 grafts in Lahore Pakistan?

The price for 4000 grafts in Lahore Pakistan is in the range of 150,000 Rs to 200,000 Pak Rupees.

How to get an appointment for evaluation of grafts and cost?

You can send your baldness or hair loss area  photos through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 for an expert opinion. If you want to get an appointment you may get through online or call us. 

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