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Doctor for hair fall


Doctor for hair fall should be a person having a great deal of knowledge in various stages of the hair life cycle, the physiology behind shedding, the causes that can result in hair fall, various thinning habits and diseases causing alopecia. He should have a firm knowledge how to stop male and female alopecia with all the pharmacological, non-pharmacological and surgical procedures. Moreover, the risks and side effects associated in such procedures are not negligible and they may vary from individual to individual. Sometimes, a treatment which is given to one patient may not give the expected results in the other. A doctor for hair fall, preferably called a dermatologist should have a diverse knowledge about such variations and he should be expert in choosing the right treatment option for the right patient. A dermatologist should have the knowledge about the side effects possible that can arise as a result of such treatments and their solutions. A hair shedding can be a result of existing autoimmune diseases or fluctuations in hormones; which can be easily treated with medication therapy without the rush of performing a hair transplant procedure. An expert should always be able to come up with the best option available for the patient.

Doctor for hair fall treatment Lahore

Best doctor for hair fall in Lahore Pakistan

A hair transplant is a complex process and when it comes to the choice of doctor who can perform a transplant, it should always be done with a great deal of research on which doctor is the best in skill and experience in performing hair restoration. The knowledge required for performing such procedures should be diverse as new discoveries are always on the way in this field. Newer procedures have been discovered that ensure more precision and accuracy. These newer techniques claim to be giving more promising results over the older ones but they require more skill and knowledge on the other hand. A doctor for hair fall should have a detailed knowledge on these new techniques. He should also be able to diagnose the correct cause, the selection of the most suitable process can be done after the knowledge of root cause. Sometimes it is not a good option to undergo a hair restoration surgery; when the cause is treatable and reversible. Doctors should focus on eliminating the cause instead of performing surgery because it can lead to waste of money without much satisfactory results.

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Should I go to the Expert for hair loss?

Hair loss is a common phenomenon and does not always require going to a doctor. In most of the cases, shedding is experienced by everyone daily as the average 70 to 100 strands per day fall and this is considered to be normal. If the count is within the normal range per day, you might not be in a need to consult a doctor. But how would you know if there is a need to consult a dermatologist; simply by observing the hairs that come out during combing or regular bathing. If the count is more than normal, it means that it is an alarming situation and you need to consult a hair expert to manage your problem with the appropriate solution. Your doctor might need some assistance in determining the cause through some testing procedures, physical examination and detailed medical as well as family history to predict the best option available for your condition. But before considering a person expert, you should also do some work on his qualifications and skills so you can save yourself from these quacks.

Can we stop hair shedding permanently?

Hair fall is the fate of every strand that has ever grown. Shedding is one of the stages among the various life cycles. A strand has three distinct phases of growth, rest and fall. These stages are known by the name of catagen, anagen and telogen phase. According to experts, a hair cell is designed to grow for a certain period, after which it rests on the head and then falls off with a new strand taking its place after a defined time. So it would not be wrong to say that it is not possible to stop hair fall permanently, however you can reduce it to some extent by taking a healthy diet and following a hair care routine.

Can hair loss be treated in Lahore Pakistan?

Hair fall can be treated to an extent of reducing the number of strands that are lost per day. You can follow simple care routines. If the problem persist, you can consult a doctor who will diagnose the cause and prescribe you the best hair fall treatment. This treatment can be medicine or surgery. In medicines, he may prescribe you with over the counter approved medicines for growth which include minoxidil and DHT blocker along with some supplements containing biotin which is an essential component of growth. Among the various surgical options, he might suggest you with hair transplant procedures or other techniques. If the loss is reversible, there is no need to go for complex procedures, you can reverse baldness by eliminating the causing factor.

Doctor for hair fall near me in Lahore Pakistan

Doctors for hair fall can be found easily at every hospital and skin care clinics. Some of the expert doctors are providing their service in Gulberg, Johar town, Garden town and MM Alam road. But before choosing the doctor you should perform a research on his skills and experience by customer reviews and consultation sessions with your doctor. You should also keep in mind the expenses spent on doctor fees, treatment and travel expenses. Once considering these factors, you can select your expert and book an appointment. Be sure to take any medications you have been using recently or in case of any ailment, make sure to tell your doctor about it. You can also book an appointment on phone or through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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