How to stop hair fall

How to stop hair fall

How to stop hair fall and restore previous condition is a major concern of every patient. To get information many people search on the internet and use different products. It will be a wiser approach if you can consult with a specialist and know the exact cause and treatment accordingly. It is an extremely common …

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hair regrowth after Fue hair transplant donor area

Do follicles grow back

  Follicular hair transplant is a procedure for increasing the growth of hairs on an area of the scalp which has been showing slow growth, thinning or pattern baldness. This procedure is preferred by many people who are planning to get a hair restoration surgery. Due to increased preferences and the skilled professional, this procedure …

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Hair transplant reviews lahore Pakistan

Hair Transplant Reviews

Hair is an important body part. Hairs change the appearance of a person’s face when they cut, color or style, etc. These are considered a crown of your head. Everyone wants their crown to look beautiful.  But sometimes natural hairs start falling due to some reasons or sometimes a few left on the head and …

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Stop hair loss

Stop hair loss

  Hair loss is a common problem faced by the majority of people. There are several tips that can be followed in order to stop hair loss. Selection of any of the tips is done after reaching the root cause of hair fall. If you are facing hair fall, consult your doctor who will help …

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Why is my hair falling out

Hair Falling

Falling out of hairs is a common phase among the major events of the life cycle of a hair. When a hair falls, a new strand grows out at its place. A person normally sheds about seventy to hundred strands per day, but when a person starts losing his hairs more than usual, and new …

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Is hair transplant permanent

Is hair transplant permanent

  Is hair transplant permanent? This is the first thought that comes into the mind of a person who is thinking of having a hair restoration surgery for his fast diminishing hairline. All the efforts have been geared to make the procedure as permanent as possible and to make the customer happy and satisfied.  To …

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