Hair transplant performed without shaving the head

Mostly hair transplant clinics in Lahore or abroad performed hair restoration after shaving the head. It is really traumatizing sometimes for the patient to get his or her hair shaved.  It took almost 20 to 25 days to be normalize hair and during this time patients severely suffered his routine and social meetings. If you are considering to undergo hair restoration procedure and hair shaving idea is stopping you to get it done , now we can perform hair transplant without shaving the head.

Many female hair loss patients do not want their hair to be trimmed or shaved and prefer their treatment with long hair. Our clinic in Lahore is performing hair transplant surgery without shaving and place new grafts in their existing hair. There is no more worry and patients get clear idea after long hair grafts placement. This way long hair can determined direction and density as well. Patient is always happy by getting long hair transplant procedure.