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Hair transplant performed without shaving the head


Can I do a hair transplant without shaving your health?

Hair transplant is a commonly employed procedure for restoring healthy hair but most of the people wonder if it could be performed without shaving the head. It is a procedure that is completely possible and is performed but, most of the times the results obtained by performing surgery with a shaved head have proved to be more accurate; and this is the reason that the previous option is usually left not recommended by a majority of dermatologists. The choice to select whether to shave your head before undergoing a hair transplant also depends upon the choice of patient. However, the risk of complications always resides while going with a surgery performed on an unshaved head. By principle, shaving your head is not necessary before FUT and FUE: if only a small area is intended to be treated. In a patient having long hairs, graft extraction from the donor site can be performed without cleaning a large area because the donor area can be covered by the layer of hairs residing at the upper layer of site. The rest of the procedure is the same but without shaving; makes it difficult and more expensive.

Do you need to shave before a hair transplant?

Sometimes a slight trim is enough to make the area visible to the surgeon where the grafting has to be performed. It depends upon the length. Sometimes, in the clinics where shaving facility is possible, the patients are not asked to shave the head or trim from a hairdresser prior to surgery. The doctor will trim or shave the head as required. Moreover, there is no need to shave the recipient area and it can be used to camouflage the donor area from where grafts have been removed and patches are visible.

Can you get a hair transplant without anyone knowing?

Most of the surgical procedures require shaving the head or trimming. If not, the donor area can be easily visible where patching has occurred due to removed hairs. Most of the patients are not satisfied with the way they look after a hair restoration procedure as they look less aesthetic until the regrowth of hairs and final results that takes some time and patience. However, you can conceal the patchy spots by using dark shades concealers on the donor area. Moreover, wearing hats and wigs are another option that can be adopted. The patients who are much concerned, can stop going into public for some time in order to get unnoticed of the hair grafting procedures.

Can a bald person get a hair transplant?

Luckily, bald persons can also undergo a hair restoration process if they have non scalp donor sites. Mostly, baldness does not affect the growth at the temporal regions of the head and they are used as a donor site. Back of the head is the most preferred donor site from where grafts are extracted. These sites are easily reachable if the growth is sufficient in these regions but if a person has gone completely bald, he can use other places of the body which are rich in hairs. This is known as body hair transplant. These regions include: legs, chest, arms, back, armpits and beard. A donor site is selected by taking in consideration how many follicles are needed from the donor site and whether the donor site can supply them sufficiently or not. The structure, density, thickness and texture of hairs taken from the donor site should resemble the hairs present on the head so it may appear natural, following a surgical procedure.

Can hair transplant be done without shaving the head?

As mentioned above, both FUE and FUT procedures can be performed without shaving the head. Sometimes, when the patients have longer strands, only the part of the head is gotten rid of hairs where the follicles are ought to be extracted. Your surgeon might ask you to trim your hairs to a certain length instead of shaving the whole head. Usually the patients are asked to shave their heads because it makes the process clearer and reduces the chances of mess and complications. It also makes the hair restoration expensive.

Hair transplant without shaving recipient area

The procedure performed without shaving the recipient and donor area is also known as undetectable FUE process. It is performed when the amount of hair loss is not much. Many people do not understand the idea of performing a head shave and they prefer undetectable surgeries which gives them results without changing the way their hairs look initially. The rest of the procedure is the same but the doctor needs to identify the healthy hairs carefully. More than 3000 grafts cannot be extracted by this process that’s why it is performed at the patients who are at the initial stages of balding and have experienced the complete balding.

DHI hair transplant without shaving

Direct hair implantation is a modified version of FUE in which the surgeon uses a pen shaped device for cutting the channels and implanting the grafts. This can be performed without the need of shaving full head. A device, called the tipped rotary punch, is penetrated into the skin which separates the hair tissue from all attachments. This causes the follicle to separate individually while the length of the hair remains constant. After this, implantation is performed by implanter pens at the thinning and balding area.

Unshaven transplant cost hair

Any hair restoration surgery performed without shaving the head is usually more expensive. The price may vary depending upon several factors such as the location of clinic, pre and post-surgical treatments and travel expenses. A more qualified and well skilled practitioner might demand a more expensive treatment and surgery. The price usually ranges between 50,000 to 400,000 rupees. T also varies with the number of grafts that are needed to be implanted. In order to cover a large area, a greater number of grafts are needed making the process more complicated and expensive.