Hair Regrowth Tips

Tips for hair Regrowth

There are many factors which contribute for hair loss like age, lifestyle, heredity factors or certain medical conditions. There are number of ways to re-grow hair instead of surgeries. Many people use other chemical solutions as well.However, one can find natural ways to re-grow hair. Scalp massaging, essential oils or proper nutrients are all chemical free and simple remedies that can be started. You should take care of your hair for further loss. Some tips for hair re-growth are as follows:

 Head massage is very important for healthy hair and scalp. Head massage improves the circulation of blood and gets scalp rid of toxins. The best oil for massaging is coconut, almond, olive and castor oil. You should massage your scalp for fifteen minutes and leave up to one hour.
 You should stay away from conditioners and apply herbal products instead of conditioners which are full of chemicals, you should use coconut oil and almond oil as leave-in-conditioners.
 You should be very gentle and polite with your hair. A wooden comb with wide teeth can be excellent for use.
 Rubbing finger nails on you scalp for ten minutes can regulate blood circulation which makes your hair strong and healthy.
 Eating proper nutrients especially Flex seeds which are rich in Omega 3, copper, calcium, magnesium, Vitamin B and amino acids.
 Exercising is another useful tip for hair re-growth. Sweating caused by exercise, unclogs the hair follicles giving space for new hair to appear.
 Tight hair styling and braiding cause lot of hair fall.
 Lentils, beans, fruits and vegetables are all helpful in growing hair.
 Use of onion and garlic juice can be excellent remedy for hair re-growth. Both these ingredients are rich in Sulphur.
 Foods which are great for hair re-growth are sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, oysters, avocado, salmon, eggs, spinach and other leafy vegetables.

The medicines which are recommended for hair loss are Minoxidil and Finasteride.Natural as well as scientific solutions are useful for hair growth. Taking Minoxidil and Finasteride can increase the speed of hair growth.You should always dry your hair gently with towel. You should not use hair dryers. Stress is the best factor which cause hair fall. You should reduce your stress level and stay healthy, happy and calm life.

You should avoid pollutants as much as you can, as air and water pollutants dry your hair causing hair fall gradually.With all these tips, you should drink plenty of water, stay healthy and happy, avoid stress and avoid harsh chemicals directly apply on your scalp.
All these hair re-growth tips need patience and time as all these tips have no side effects but these are slow in process to react.You should not wash your hair every day. Trimming of hair is equally important if you dream to have longer and thicker hair then above mentioned tips are very useful. As hair play an important and major role in our personalities, its appearance can affect our confidence level.