Hair transplant doctor in Lahore

Hair transplant is a surgical technique performed by a doctor. Doctors take the hair follicles from the scalp that is present on the back of the head and graft them on the area with lack of hairs. Hair implant is mostly used to treat male pattern baldness. Now-a-days the ratio of hair loss among people also increases due to bald patches appearing on their hair. People go towards hair implants. Hairs give confidence and a nice look to personality. Hair implant may also be used to restore mustache, beard, chest and eyebrow hairs. In transplant hairs can be taken by two techniques. Follicular unit extraction is the most commonly used technique to take follicles from the scalp. First the donor area is shaved and then follicles are taken and grafted on the bald area. This technique is most frequently used either by some surgical tools or manual. Follicular unit transplant is a technique in which the whole strip is harvested and then stitched the donor area. In this technique follicles are not taken individually. Neo graft is a modern technique used during follicular unit extraction implant and it also proves effective.

1. Which doctor can do hair transplant

Doctors which are specialized and can understand the skin problems and conditions which affect our Skin, nails and hair etc. can perform hair implants. However, a simple MBBS degree holder doctor can also do a hair implant after seeking some surgery experience. Such types of doctors can also tell you that you are a suitable person for transplant or not. But always choose a highly skilled and experienced doctor.

2. Best hair transplant doctor in Lahore Pakistan

The best doctor is one who can understand your skin condition and place the grafts safely. Because sometimes implants go wrong. It is possible only when you have severe pain and any unexpected symptoms. Best doctor always gives you pre-operative precautions and before transplant always tests your skin to know whether you are suitable for transplant or not. Best doctor always gives you whole information about transplant and also tells its side effects.

3. Hair transplant doctor near me

Best hair restoration doctor in Lahore near me

·         Dr. M. Ahmad Chaudhry with 20 years of experience Hair restoration Surgeon, MBBS, Diplomate hair restoration surgery (France) , Ex Visiting Associate Professor Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 France.

4. Best hair transplant doctor results

Hair implants are typically successful and 80 percent hairs grow back. But it takes almost 9 to 12 months to grow natural hairs through transplant. Keep in mind after 3 weeks of implant all hairs fall out and then grow back. But like natural hairs, transplanted hairs also become thin over time. After the surgery, you may need to take pain medications for several days because your scalp is tender. Doctor bandage your scalp for 1 or 2 day. Also suggest you many anti-inflammatory medicines. But the result will be seen in case when use takes precautionary measures i.e., don’t comb the transplanted area or even don’t touch the transplanted area with comb. Don’t drink alcohol for at least 1 week and also don’t do heavy exercise like running and weight lifting during the transplanted period.

5. Hair transplant doctor fee

Hair implant is however costly. Hair restoration fee in Pakistan ranges from 50,000 to 4 lac depending upon the technique which is used in hair implant, how many hairs are transplanted and also the doctors. The well experienced doctors charge high prices but also give quality results. So before a transplant always do your own research and don’t let a cowboy surgeon play with your skin. To the present day the interest in hair implants is increasing day by day because it becomes a treatment of choice for many people with hair loss.

Hair loss occurs in many people around the world mostly in men, almost in 60 percent of men and 10 percent women. The most typical facelift procedure performed on men today is the surgery to treat hair loss. As well as the marketplace for transplantation is immensely grow the market place of products that treat hair loss without transplant also grow like many herbals etc. care cosmetics, shampoos, scalp massagers and laser combs etc. have proven efficiency because they temporarily increase the existing hairs or may make them denser.

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