cheapest Fue hair transplant Pakistan

Cheapest fue hair transplant Pakistan

Hair transplant is getting more popular in men and women because it helps in looking young, attractive, and more confident. According to ISHRS report, more than 635,000 hair transplants are performed annually. That is why the competition between clinics is increasing day by day. That is why they are offering cheap and attractive offers to attract new patients. The cost of surgery depends on the procedure. It is not covered by insurance and all the expenses payable by the patient themselves. So, patients prefer cheaper options.

Which country has the cheapest hair transplant?

The top  countries with the cheap procedure are:



 What is the minimum cost for a hair transplant?

Pakistan attracts patients from all over the world at affordable prices. The cost of Pakistan medical centers is the lowest. It starts from $1,500 while in South Korea it starts from $3,900, in German $4,500, in Swiss $9,100, and in the US it is up to $15,000. In Lithuania, the cost is 25% lower than in Western European countries. While Poland offers it 2 times cheaper than in Switzerland and the USA. In Asian countries it is starting from  $750 while the costs in Pakistan range between 50,000 and 400,000 Pakistani rupees, it depends upon which center you choose.

How much is a good hair transplant?

Hair transplants are more successful than the restoration of hair products. There are other factors also: It will fully grow in an estimated 3 to 4 months like natural hair, it will thin over time. Patients that have dormant hair follicles (that hair beneath the skin) have less effectiveness. But according to the latest studies, plasma therapy can help more than 75 percent of the hairs fully grow back. It does not work for everyone. It is mainly used to restore your balding or thin lost hair.

The procedure is done with your present hair, so it is not so effective for people with:

o   widespread baldness and thin hairs

o   hair loss due to medications, chemotherapy, or others

o   thick scalp scars from any injuries

Per graft hair transplant cost in Pakistan:

1 graft contains how many hairs it is commonly a concern of the patient during the initial consultation. It depends upon the donor area. Some grafts contain one, two or up to four hairs. A single graft approximately contains 2.5 hairs. Like this  3500 FUE grafts contain 7000 to 8000 hairs. Normally sessions and prices vary according to the number of grafts. There are small, medium, large, and mega sessions:

       I.            The small session consists of 1000 grafts and the price is RS.100 (0.70$) per graft.

    II.            Medium Session contains 1000-1500 grafts and the price is 90 to 100 Rs. per graft.

 III.            A large session of FUE consists of 1500-3500 grafts. Prices become low due to a greater number of grafts and it is Rs.85 per graft.

 IV.            A mega session consists of 3000 to 4000 grafts and prices further decrease 75 to 85 Pakistani Rupees per graft. As the number of grafts increases, the cost is decreased because the same disposable instruments are used for extraction.

Is a cheap hair transplant bad?

The hair transplant procedure is the best for hair loss treatment in the modern world. That it is affordable. Previously only celebrities, stars, and the more privileged people of the society had access to this procedure. But those who did not have a lot of money to deal with their baldness, resign it to their fate. The good news is it is no longer.

But the side effect or complication of a cheap FUE are potentially fatal and real. If you are paying less then you should understand that such clinics are not providing you the best services. The person claiming himself an expert or surgeon might not even have a degree or skill. often, they are cosmetic surgeons who are trying their hands. And the worse is, their assistants perform the actual procedure or a major part of. In a nutshell, here is a list of Serious post-surgery complications, like infections, excessive bleeding, swelling, and pain.

So, it is most important to consider some basic instructions before going for a cheaper procedure:

Ø  Do thorough research on the clinics as well as on the expert surgeon.

Ø  Talk to the concerned expert or surgeon before taking a hasty decision.

Ø  Take thorough information as this concerns your health and well-being.

Ø  Most importantly, do not be shy in discussing. A lot of patients often make bad decisions because they have not been properly advised and they are too shy to seek information. Must remember that you cannot undo a wrong decision when it concerns your looks and well-being after all you will end up paying a much higher price for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which clinic is offering the cheapest Fue hair transplant in Pakistan?

Our clinic has promotions from time to time. Like one can get more than 40% discount during the holy month of Ramadan.

Why do doctors not offer the cheapest Fue hair transplant in Pakistan?

The reason is simple. This procedure requires expensive instruments, medicines, skilled and expert staff and most importantly many years study and hard work of the doctor. Therefore a properly qualified and trained surgeon cannot offer you cheap prices due to above mentioned factors.