Stop hair loss

Stop hair loss

Hair loss is a common problem faced by the majority of people. There are several tips that can be followed in order to stop hair loss. Selection of any of the tips is done after reaching the root cause of hair fall. If you are facing hair fall, consult your doctor who will help in choosing what’s best for your hairs after proper diagnosis. The first remedy that many people follow and have found efficacious in improving their hair growth is eating a diet rich in proteins. As our hairs have also been made up of proteins, eating protein rich foods can help to stop hair loss. You can get proteins from eggs, nuts, peas, beans, chicken, fish and dairy products. Taking vitamin A in a diet has also proved beneficial to control hair loss. Vitamin A performs two important functions including increasing the rate of hair growth and increasing sebum production. It is found in sweet peppers, spinach and sweet peppers. Retinoids found in vitamin A are responsible for stimulating hair growth. People following diets rich in raw vegetables and fresh herbs have shown reduced hair fall. Such a diet is known as Mediterranean diet and researches have shown that it has great effects in increasing hair growth, if consumed for more than 3 times a day.

Taking multivitamins can stop hair loss and they are easily available over the counter medications which can be bought from near pharmacies. However, care should be taken so that they do not exceed the required concentration in the body which may be harmful. Vitamin D can be used to treat hair associated with non-scarring alopecia. 800 to 1000IU can be taken daily in order to improve hair growth and strength. Saw palmetto which is a derivative from American dwarf pine trees can be used to stop hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia, the most common cause of hair fall in males. It helps by maintaining the levels of testosterone hormone in the body. Biotin is a vitamin of the B vitamin family. It regulates the production of fatty acids in the body. Fatty acids help hair growth. Taking 3 to 5 mg biotin is enough to improve the growth of hairs.

Washing your hairs 2 times a week has been proven efficacious by maintaining a healthy environment on the scalp which is good for healthy hair growth. Ginseng is an herb which contains certain phytochemicals that can improve hair growth.

Coconut oil has been used for centuries to stop hair loss. It contains lauric acid which helps in binding the hair proteins, preventing breakage. It also protects the hairs from damage against UV radiations. Another wonder oil is olive oil. It is found in different grades. It conditioners the hairs and saves them from breakage caused by dryness. Chemicals like ammonia, paraphenylenediamine and peroxide can cause a lot of hair damage. These are present in hair dyes. Preventing dyeing can stop hair loss. Try shifting towards organic and ammonia free dyes. Hairs can also fall as a result of excessive heat transferred to hairs during drying, straightening and curling. Tight braiding and pony tails put effort on roots making them weak. Try undergoing gentle hair styling in order to prevent breakage. Several medical treatments are available to grow new hairs in place of bald spots. These include laser therapy and platelet rich plasma transplant. In laser therapy, the circulation of blood to scalp is increased which helps in hair growth. It costs about $500 to buy laser devices. Platelet rich plasma technique utilizes plasma taken from the patient which contains stem cells. These stem cells can grow into hair forming cells and improve hair growth.

Medications can be used to stop hair loss but they should be taken after consultation with your doctor as they can be associated with side effects to some extent. Minoxidil is an FDA approved OTC medication which improves hair growth. However, it can cause acne and irritation at the site of application. Phenylephrine is another medicine. It contracts the muscles of follicles which might have become loose in supporting hairs due to tight hair styling. DHT blocker is another medication that can promote hair growth. However, it is contraindicated for use in pregnancy. Hair fall can be stopped by the use of essential oils. They include peppermint oil, lemongrass and lavender. They should be mixed with other oils like jojoba oil and grapeseed oil and then applied on the scalp. Studies have shown proven benefits associated with these oils. However, they should not be directly applied on the scalp as they can cause irritation to scalp skin. Massage is another ancient technique that can be used to promote hair growth. One can use any of the above mentioned oil to get a scalp massage. Massaging four minutes a day is enough for increased growth.

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Sometimes hair loss can be due to stress and it can be stopped by doing meditation and yoga. Eliminating stressors by performing distressing exercises can prevent hairs from falling, stop breakage, improve circulation and help the hair grow at a much faster rate than usual. Another proven remedy includes the use of onion juice on the scalp. Patients experiencing alopecia areata have seen proven benefits of using onion juice. Hair fall is a normal phenomenon and mostly does not require instant treatment. However, if you see more hairs on your brush or pillow, or in the shower than usual, then you need to stop hair loss. Fortunately, most of the above mentioned tips can be used easily to prevent hair breakage. They improve the strength of hair thus reducing breakage. If the natural remedies fail to give a result, one can try the medical treatment. The surgical treatments are costly and usually require more than one session in order to get the results, however the natural remedies are slow but without any side effects and one can easily find the ingredients at home. Consulting a doctor is necessary so that you may know the major cause for this problem.

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