Baldness Treatment Pakistan

A Complete Guide about Baldness Treatment Through Hair Transplant

If you are looking baldness treatment in Pakistan, Cosmoderma clinic is a trusted name where many hair loss patients are treated through micro follicular unit extraction procedure. Are you disturbed by your constant hair loss? Do you want immediate treatment to avoid an extreme uprising of hair loss? If yes, then heading towards the baldness regrowth through hair transplant is the best solution for you. No men and women would wish to have thin and weak hair texture. Through the procedure of hair transplant, a surgeon will be filling your scalp with healthy hairs by taking them from donor areas of your body.
How did you get 100% Successful Results from Hair Transplant?
Well, usually, the results acquired through the baldness treatment through hair transplant will be depending upon the type of surgeon you have selected. No doubt that the constant advances and technological benefits of medical science are contributing a lot in showing natural and 100% results. But at the end of the day, the entire working of the process will depend upon the surgeon you will select. You have to look for an experienced doctor who is fully aware of the basics of baldness treatment through hair transplant. Dermatologist experts have a piece of proper knowledge about specific conditions that affect your nails, hair, and skin. Therefore, consulting or taking advice from them about hair loss would not be a wrong decision.
Who can choose the treatment of a hair transplant?
Well, there is a specific category of people who can choose the baldness treatment through hair transplant. If you have a receding hairline, then you are a perfect candidate for hair transplant. Usually, a doctor will never recommend you to have a hair restoration surgery if you are in your early 20’s. For better results, they will first of all be treating you with some hair loss medicine. However if medicine does not work, both men and women can look for baldness treatment in Pakistan from our experienced and foreign qualified specialist.
To get a hair restoration procedure, make sure you already have healthy hairs in your scalp donor area. In this way, a doctor will find it easy to transplant those healthy hairs to recipient or bald area, which requires hair. Before starting the transplant treatment, a specialist will, first of all, be examining your entire scalp condition. A blood test will be conducted to figure out the leading cause of your hair loss. Based on this examination and blood test, a hair loss treatment specialist or expert will let you know whether you are a perfect candidate or not.
What will happen during hair transplant?
The entire procedure of baldness treatment through hair transplant will take a maximum of 4-6 hours. Sometimes a transplant treatment gets divided into different sessions, which probably depend upon the hair transplant quantity of the patient. If you are new to this transplant treatment, then nervousness and feeling panic will be an ordinary situation. Therefore a specialist will provide you a mild sedative to relax your body. A patient can see the results after 5-9 months of their surgery. Transplanted hair growth start three months after hair restoration procedure. There are no particular side effects of this treatment, but soon after the surgery, you have to give your transplant area special care and attention in terms of maintenance and healthy hair growth Baldness treatment in Pakistan is performed by an experienced ,skilled and France qualified surgeon Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.