Hair loss


Hair loss is also known as alopecia or baldness in which hair falls from the head or other parts of the body. It has been a major concern among males and females. As everyone loves healthy and voluminous hair. Generally people shed around 100 strands per day. Shedding is a natural process in which excessive hair falls leads to thinning  and thus leads to baldness.

Hair loss


Causes of hair loss:

There are many causes from heredity to medical conditions to styling.

Heredity:  The most common cause is when people experience baldness with age or it runs in their family that with age people tend to lose their hair. Many people experience thinning in their 30s and 40s.

Medical conditions: Many medical conditions like head injury, cancer treatment, Thyroid problem, Anemia, protein deficiency, and low level of vitamins or any other medication and hormonal imbalance may cause the problem.

Hair styling:  Many people are in the habit of changing their styles like perming, dying, keratin and other treatments which may also cause this problem.

There are three phases:

Anagen phase (growing phase): in which the hair grows and refers to 85% to 90% on your head.

Catagen phase (transition phase): this is the time when hair starts to thin.

Telogen phase: (resting phase)  : in this the hair falls out and no new strand grows.


There are many ways to recognize the issue. One must examine if the alopecia is due to the destruction of the follicles or if the hair falls but there are plenty of still on head.

Sometimes the physician needs to pull out the hair to examine the appearance of the shaft and percentage of the growing strands. Sometimes they need to run different other tests to dig out the exact cause and type of alopecia.

Hair loss in Men:

Hair loss is a common problem among men. Most of the men around 80% suffer from acute shedding or baldness by age of 50. And many start to get this problem by the age of 21. There may be different causes of hair loss in men. In men it is commonly the male pattern baldness or heredity alopecia. Other medical conditions like head injury, low level of Vitamins, treatments etc. also count.

Male pattern baldness occurs due to genetic, age and hormones. These factors cause continuous shrinkage of follicles until the new hairs stop to grow.

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Hair loss in women:

Hair loss in women is when they face the excessive shedding. Many people think it is common only in men. But nearly 50% of the females also face it. The women who are affected by this problem are ones who are above 40 years, who just had a baby, who has undergone chemotherapy and who has changed styles very often.

Female pattern baldness is the common cause in women. When the woman goes to the age of 50 the hair starts to shrink. In this age women also suffer from menopause and which also aggravates the issue.

During menopause hormones like Estrogen and progesterone levels fall which also leads to the hair loss. During this time sometimes hairs grow slowly and fall out easily.

Other conditions like the woman who has just had a baby also suffer from sudden shedding sometime in clumps is also called postpartum hair loss. This just happens because when a woman gets pregnant the changing hormones cause new growth more and more and experience an era of long ,healthy luscious hair but when the pregnancy is over  and the hormones come back to normal. These strands start to shed. It isn’t that you are losing it’s just that they now grow normally now.

Remedies or tips for reducing hair loss:

1.     Regular hair wash with mild shampoo helps reduce the risk .

2.     Intake of vitamins not only good for your body but also nourishes your hair. Especially Vitamin A, E and B.

3.     Protein rich diet also helps to reduce .

4.     Using oils or messaging the scalp with essential oils helps to improve the hair health and in turn leads to low shedding.

5.     Hydrating yourself and intake of sufficient water not only cleanses your body but also well for hair.

6.     Avoiding alcohol and smoking is also of immense importance to reduce the issue.

7.      Avoiding stress and anxiety also lower the risk of hair fall.

8.     Constant styling and heating not only causes damaging but also starts the process of thinning.  Avoid it.

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