hair restoration Lahore

Hair restoration Lahore

Men are often looking for the best hair restoration in Lahore Pakistan and hair loss treatment methods because they tend to start getting bald after a certain age. The sad news is that you do not really have any control over it since pattern baldness is common in men, genetically. It is a type of surgery that involves taking your existing hair and placing it to the bald area of your head. Even though the original technique started in 1950, upgrades have been done ever since then and better techniques are available nowadays. Before you go for hair loss treatment, you need to get advice from your surgeon. Hair restoration in Lahore Pakistan is performed as per international standards and sterilization so no need to worry regarding infection or results. 

Your surgeon will clean your scalp and give you something to make the back of your head prepared and numb for surgery. There are two methods commonly performed for Hair Restoration in Lahore that your surgeon will advise you.

  1. Follicular Unit Strip Surgery
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction


In the FUSS technique, your surgeon will remove 7 to 10 inches of skin from the back & sides of your head. After that, he will suture up that part of the scalp. There is no sign of any suture as the surrounding hair covers that part of the head. That strip is further divided into smaller pieces called slivers and then individual 500 to 2000 grafts. Each follicle has a single hair or a few hairs in it.

Number of grafts are different for each patient as it depends on the type , colour of your hair and the size of bald area. On the other hand, FUE procedure involves shaving the back of head and then removal of follicles from that part of the head. Then, your surgeon will implant that hair into the bald area by making slits. The procedure can take 4 to 6 hours depending on how much area needs to be covered.

After the Procedure

After Hair implantation, you will need painkillers to numb the pain for a few days. Also, your scalp will be bandaged up for a day or two. Since there is a chance of infection, the surgeon would prescribe some antibiotics to make it sure that there is no chance of a bacterial infection. This, you will have to take for a few days. After a week of a procedure, most people can continue their normal life.

What to Expect?

There are some things that you need to be ready for in case of hair transplant surgery. Your hair will start to fall off after 3 or 4 weeks of the procedure. However, this is not something to be scared of because the hair comes back after a while. For most people, the hair regrowth period is between 6 to 9 months. In this period, 60% of your hair should have grown back.

To get or Not?

It is important to remember that not everyone needs to go for Hair transplant surgery procedure. For some people, the problem is not so severe and it can be solved with other methods such as medicine & laser therapy. You must ask a surgeon and get consultation before you try anything out. The surgeon would tell you the duration of your procedure and the kind of procedure that you should go for.

Hair restoration in Lahore Pakistan is a solution to your pattern baldness and you should totally try it out if needed. However, it is important to be aware of the effects, possible complications and cost of the procedure. Cosmoderma clinic has an experienced and skilled hair transplant surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry , qualified from Paris France and continuously producing excellent results and one can see his results. If you are looking for best hair restoration clinic in Lahore then you should get an honest opinion from Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which clinic is performing a mega session of hair restoration in Lahore Pakistan?

Cosmoderma clinic has been performing mega sessions of FUT & FUE procedures in Lahore Pakistan for the last 23 years.

What is the price of a mega session?

The price range of mega session is 125,000 Pak Rupees for FUT and 200,000 Pak Rupees for FUE technique.

Who is the best surgeon in Lahore Pakistan?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has been performing surgeries for the last 23 years and got his specialization from France in this field.

How to get an appointment for FREE check up from the top hair transplant surgeon in Lahore Pakistan?

To get an appointment you may call or WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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