Male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness Genetics

Male pattern baldness treatment in Lahore Pakistan is available and performed by a foreign qualified specialist Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. It is the condition of hair loss in men. Almost 50% of the men lose hair over the age of 50. Everyone faces the problem of thinning, and they may lose up to 100 strands per day that even regrow and cycle starts again. This situation is quite usual. But most of the men start noticing that they are losing strands, more than casual routine, and these are not growing back. This condition may lead to thinning, and the result is baldness. There are several reasons for hair loss. The main reason is genetics. The genes that you carry for follicle growth from your parents does not function at any age. The problem starts from a thin line in the center and short hair at the start of the head crown. If you are facing this problem, no need to worry as our clinic has very effective male pattern baldness treatment in Lahore Pakistan.

Male pattern baldness treatment Lahore Pakistan

Front baldness before Fue

six months hair transplant results

Male pattern baldness stages

 Major reason- DHT hormone 

The second reason is the male sex hormone known as androgen. This hormone is necessary for follicle growth so, alopecia due to improper functioning of this hormone known to be androgenetic alopecia. Scientists proved that follicles are sensitive to hormone DHT. This hormone causes the follicles to shrink the shaft gets short and thin, and finally, the follicles are closed, and hair does not regrow. This condition can cause  baldness excessively. Hair loss due to genetics causes the shedding so early, and baldness starts from the thinning at the head crown

Hair loss as side effects of medication

Hair loss also occurs due to after taking some medications that may lead to cancer. So you must consult your doctor if you are passing through such a condition. The other situation is bald spots or patches at your scalp, but it can recover after a short span. It can result due to autoimmune disease in which your immune system attacks the body and can cause follicular destruction.

The other reasons for hair fall are;

  • Alternative chemotherapy
  • Poor nutrition or diet deficiency
  • medications for many diseases
  • Too much little iron in the diet or due to Vitamin A stress

So the baldness is not such a big issue in men, but it could link with coronary disease, diabetes mellitus, prostate cancer, etc. So you must consult a doctor if you are facing sudden this problem. Diffuse thinning is the most common pattern in men in which shedding occurs equally at the whole scalp and does not necessary to effect the hairline. It can observe when your hair is wet.

There are different ways to treat  baldness. The initial treatment may be medication if the hair loss is not severe. Other ways are;

  • Minoxidil
  • DHT blockers
  • Shampoo treatment
  • and the final treatment is transplantation
Male pattern baldness treatment in Lahore Pakistan

Transplantation widely used to treat baldness patterns worldwide. It involves FUE, FUT, FUSS to regrow normal hair strength. Its cost may be different in different regions of the world. But it may be affordable easily by any person. Cost can be different for different sessions, or medications are necessary after the surgery. The person can return to routine work after 2-3 days, and hair growth starts after the three months. These methods seem to be successful for male pattern baldness treatment in Lahore Pakistan or abroad. If you are suffering from pattern baldness, you may contact with us +92-333-430-9999

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