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Female pattern baldness treatment in Lahore Pakistan is available at Cosmo-Derma clinic under the supervision of a foreign qualified & trained specialist. Hair loss has now become a common problem among many women and it is not easily controlled. Though it is normal for women as they age. Hair loss in females differs from male pattern baldness, as men lose hair right from their hairline which travels to the middle of the skull, whereas women lose hair from all over their head, and the hair start thinning and if it does come under female pattern baldness, then it may be due to some other condition that requires attention. This type of baldness is hereditary and often starts in women after menopause caused by the fluctuations in hormones. In this condition women may experience slow growth of new hair, as the follicles might shrink and very thin may grow which are so fragile that they break easily. Losing about 50 to 100 strands of hair each day is normal but women going through the phase of baldness might lose more than the regular strands at an alarming rate. Though women do not go completely bald like men, there is a high chance of a patch having no hair appearing at any point on the scalp. We have the best Female pattern baldness treatment specialist in Lahore Pakistan  at our clinic and get your Free analysis and checkup.

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Female pattern baldness is much associated with parents and their genes, as it is said that this pattern is often inherited from either parent. Doctors suggest three ways in which the condition is described; in the first and foremost type, the hair thinning starts from where the hair part and then gradually takes up all the areas of the skull. This is more common among women who are beginning to lose their precious locks. The second type indicates the hair fall occurring around the area where the hairline parts and spreads to the surrounding areas. The women who are in the middle of hair fall, experience this type severely. The third type indicates thinning of hair: all around the head and there is a possibility of a bald patch in the middle, much more severe than the other two conditions, and it leads to depression. Hair is the beauty one holds dear and hair loss has the capacity to tarnish one’s image. All of these conditions are caused by changes in the endocrine system which means that there is a high chance of changes or fluctuations in the hormonal balance that is causing havoc with one’s hair, skin, and body. As hormonal changes not only lead to hair fall but also cause acne, weight gain or loss and many other problems.

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Female pattern baldness treatment in Lahore Pakistan is planned generally on the basis of the amount of hair loss a woman is going through, the physician might check the irregularities in hormones by performing a few tests or examine the pattern of hair loss and come to a conclusion. Though it can be treated with medications that help to regain hair growth and overcome the loss of hair but also there is a chance if the condition cannot be treated effectively with medicine, hair transplant surgery offers a sigh of relief to the worried soul. Medications have a high chance of working out the loss of hair but for some women who are past their 50s it might not be able to reboot the follicle growth and women might opt for hair transplant surgery that might help them regain their pride, that is healthy locks of hair. There are mainly two main types of hair restoration procedures in use these days, the FUT or Follicular unit transplant or the FUE or Follicular unit extraction. In the FUT procedure the follicles are taken from a thick part of the donor area in the form of a strip of skin then many slivers or pieces are made from the strip and from these slivers, individual grafts are separated. These grafts are surgically implanted into sites with less hair such as hairline and the surrounding areas. It might take about 12 to s16 weeks for the follicles to grow and give a healthier, fuller look to the women who had once lost their confidence due to hair loss. In the FUE or follicular unit extraction procedure the follicles are extracted in smaller units from the back of the head and placed through incisions onto the area requiring the implant, it is usually done with care by inserting follicles with the help of incisions onto the scalp. This procedure also requires about 12 to 16 weeks for the follicles to grow hair and restore the confidence.

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Though female pattern baldness is seen in their middle age like the 40s and so on but in some instances women in their 20s also experience the adverse effects of hair loss. This early onset of losing hair at an early age is considered to be a sign of undernourished hair that starts to fall. It can be overcome quickly by making changes in the diet, eating a well balanced and healthy diet that has all the proper nutrients providing nourishment to the scalp and helping hair to grow healthy. In some cases adding iron, omega 3 and omega 6 has proven helpful to boost growth of new hair and have thick locks of healthy hair. To prevent female pattern baldness it is a must to check your diet and lifestyle to keep this problem at bay.

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