Hard water hair damage


Hard water hair damage can be treated and prevented by using a number of approaches. However, before moving towards the remedies and tips available, it is necessary to understand what hard water is and how it affects the hairs. It contains a high level of minerals such as magnesium and calcium as compared to soft water. It is present in the cities or countries where these mineral resources are in excess and little focus is given to the process of softening the water as hard water does not have as such any serious health related hazards, however, it can affect the condition of hairs and skin in a negative way. The minerals present makes a film around the hairs decreasing the absorption of moisture rendering the hairs dull, tangy and strange colored. Sometimes, the minerals also affect the scalp and produce a dandruff-like condition making the scalp chalky and rough. Countries rich in fresh water bodies such as canals and lakes and less mineral count like Amsterdam, usually have soft water supplies leaving hairs soft and shiny eliminating the need to use conditioner after shampooing. However, there are a number of ways by which hard water damage to hairs can be prevented and treated.

How to fix hard water hair damage

How to reverse the effects of hard water hair damage

Damage caused to hairs by hard water can be treated by a number of natural remedies using ingredients available at your home. One of the most common treatments is the use of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has numerous health and skin benefits. It not only improving the texture but it also reverses the damage as a result of harsh minerals. The vinegar removes the film built up by these minerals on the scalp and hairs leaving them soft and silky. Besides this, it also balances the pH of the scalp promoting hair growth and improving the texture of strands. It is used in small quantities such as 1 tablespoon which is mixed in water to make up the volume. A small amount of oil can also be added. This mixture is applied to wet hairs and left in for a couple of minutes. Hairs are then rinsed and allowed to air dry. This makes strands smooth, silky and frizz free. However, this should only be used once a week otherwise it can lead to drying. Similarly, lime or lemon water can be used for pH adjustment and treatment of damaged hairs.

Water pH checking

Hard water damaged hairs can also be treated by using herbal ingredients known to improve conditions of hairs. Herbs are used from ancient times and a number of herbs are discovered which gives promising results in not only increasing hair growth but also give life to hairs damaged by harsh chemicals and minerals. These magical herbs include chamomile, shikakai, hibiscus, nettle, amla, sage, rosemary and rose petals method of use include adding 1-2 tablespoon of any of the mentioned crushed herb in a pot containing 2 cups of water. The mixture is allowed to boil and then cooled before application, applied and rinsed. Commercially available techniques used to cope with this problem include the use of water softeners. Water softeners work by removing calcium, magnesium and certain other metal cations leaving the water soft. Soft water is not different in terms of physical parameters of touch and color but it is a lot more beneficial for hairs and skin as compared to hard water especially for the people suffering from skin or hair problems such as eczema, dandruff and rough hairs. Despite being highly efficacious, use of water softeners is a costly method used for the prevention of hair loss.

A shower filter can also be used to prevent hair damage due to hard water. It is a cheaper alternative to water softeners. It reduces the limescale, chlorine and other minerals present in considerable amounts. A number of shower water filters are available in the market that can be bought easily from the home stores or online. Rain water is also a source of natural soft water and it has proven benefits of leaving the hairs soft and glossy, however one cannot have rain water all the time and the degree of softness in rain water is also different depending upon the extent of atmospheric pollution of an area. Water filters used for domestic purposes have proven benefits in eliminating hazardous metal ions from the water. Water coming from such sources can also be used to wash hairs and prevent damage. Bottled demineralized water which is commercially available can also be used as a source of soft water however it is not available in bulk quantities every time. But one can use such sources while traveling, when someone is already having a hard time with hairs and the risk of damage to hairs and skin as a result of hard water is high.

Hard water deposit on shower tap

Hair damage by hard water can be reversed by the use of clarifying shampoos at a much greater extent. The most effective and natural clarifying shampoos are soapnut and shikakai shampoos. These shampoos increase the volume, add shine and make the hair smooth and thicker. It is always recommendable to use natural based shampoos as compared to synthetic shampoos as they can be harmful for the hairs. Using a leave in conditioner, such as a few drops of coconut oil, argan oil or lavender oil can add a glossy touch to the hairs leaving them nourished and bouncy. Use demineralizers which contain complexes of fresh dried vitamins that demolish the effect of hard minerals along the length of strands. There are a number of brands supplying such demineralizers in the market. The more the hairs are bashed, the worst they get damaged over time. Do not let your hairs get suffocated and use the above mentioned ways in order to prevent and treat the damage caused by hard water.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How to treat and prevent hard water hair damage in Lahore Pakistan?

There are various methods and we can prevent damage like shower head water filters, clarifying shampoo and naturally acidic rinses.

Is there any role of the Government to treat and prevent hard hair damage in Lahore Pakistan?

Yes, the Government should make sure availability of head water filters without any sort of tax to the people. 

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