Is hair transplant permanent

Is hair transplant permanent


Is hair transplant permanent? This is the first thought that comes into the mind of a person who is thinking of having a hair restoration surgery for his fast diminishing hairline. All the efforts have been geared to make the procedure as permanent as possible and to make the customer happy and satisfied.  To know and understand the basics of the procedure and getting a true picture and answer of his question, is hair transplant permanent?, the two methods are popular for surgical treatment.

FUT Method 

 FUT(Follicular Unit Transplantation) was the first answer of  this question, is hair transplant permanent? In this method a part of the scalp is taken out usually from the back of the neck where the hair remains usually thick; from this scalp, grafts are extracted and transplanted to the area of baldness. Usually four to six hours of surgery are required depending upon the number of grafts to be placed.

FUE Method – Latest & most advanced

FUE(Follicular Unit Excision) method was the second surgical method which was introduced as a much better and less painful answer to the question ,is hair transplant permanent? In this  method the area of the donor part is first shaved and then follicles are one by one extracted from the part and then placed to the recipient part of the head. So in both cases, great care is taken to take the graft where it is thickest to make the results permanent and effective for the patient. It depends on many factors:

Expertise Of surgeon

You must be operated upon by an experienced surgeon. With a surgeon who does regular surgeries, the chances of results permanently increases.

90% To 98% Chances

The chances that your hair would stay permanent after the transplant is between 90% to 98%,which is quite fluctuating to think of.

Natural Shedding

Your hair would fall even after a implant surgery, but not to the extent which was happening before the procedure was done.

Extracted Skin Condition

In the case of the FUT procedure, transplanted hair permanency also depends upon the condition of the extracted scalp (loosened or tight),and how much hair is present per square centimeter of scalp. In such positive cases, the FUT procedure would prove to be better than FUE for giving results more permanence.

People Having Less Hair Growth

There are people whose donor area looks to be healthy, but their hair has been thinning inside the scalp or not growing well, these people have only 75% chances of having their transplanted hair getting permanent.

Chemotherapy Patients

The transplantation procedure is done on natural hair. It cannot be done on hair where chemotherapy has been done. However, the final decision will be of your surgeon who will examine the scalp donor area.

Too Much thinning and Baldness

Transplants cannot be done on patients where there is too much thin hair or too much baldness exists.

Use Of Medicines

The use of medicines after a transplant would not result in the regrowth, but it would stop your hair from falling or slow the process of thinning. In this way, a person’s look natural and healthy for many more years.

Immediate Time After Surgery

For the permanence of hair transplantation, the time just after surgery is very important. This is the time when new hair started developing. In this period try to avoid excessive sweating, rubbing of the surgical area, and the surgical part getting wet.

Long Term Precautions

These precautions are the same as you do with your natural hair. Like avoid massive rubbing while shampooing. Brushing lightly. And not to rub your part of the skin very roughly where surgery has taken place.

Avoiding Putting Any Headgear

No caps or hats are allowed just after surgery.


Before going for surgery one must consult more than one surgeon for expert advice. After a final consideration, the doctors would confirm which transplant surgery would be better for the patient. This is the best way to get back lost confidence, and the answer to your question ,is hair transplant permanent?

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