Regaining original color hair

Regaining original color hair


Mitochondrial regulatory proteins- an outbreak in the Regaining of the original color of hair

In the regaining of the original color of hair mitochondrial regulatory proteins play an important role. With the increase in age, you have to struggle hard to restore the strength, beauty, and especially hair color of yours. The turning of hair to gray color indicates that the magnificent time of youth is going towards the end. This is the utmost desire of everyone to restore the stunning black color of hair even in old age, but it is very difficult to get back magnificent black hair in an old age. But friends, science is getting advanced day by day. You will be surprised to know, it is possible to regain the original color of the hair with all its beauty and charm.

Regaining original color hair in Lahore 

The researchers took a hair sample of fourteen people which was colored at the tip but remained grey at the base. They observe the base of the hair was getting color indicating that it is recovering the original color in the low level of stress. The proteomic analysis was done which indicated that the gray color has a large number of mitochondrial proteins in it performing the energy metabolism. Theses mitochondrial proteins are overstimulated by a high level of stress and affect many other functions like degradation of DNA and many more. These changes can be altered by adopting the following steps

  • Take a healthy diet

  • Do not take stress and anxiety

  • Do exercise daily

  • Keep yourself busy in healthy activities

Change your lifestyle

The researchers asked the different questions to the participants from which it is inferred that regaining hair color is related to the stress level. The study showed that the regaining of the original color of hair can be done in two weeks with good results that otherwise is a lengthy process consisting of three months. Based on research it was concluded that all hair on the head can be turned to their original color if the person is living in a healthy environment and consuming a balanced diet with the least stress level.

Human aging- an irreversible process

Human aging is a permanent process that leaves a permanent effect on the health of the individual including altering in all features.  The regaining of the hair color is not possible without the use of drugs and other hair therapies. But by keeping low stress and depression along with the help of The Mitochondrial regulatory proteins, it is possible to restore black color of the hair.

Mitochondrial regulatory proteins

Regaining of the original color of hair The mitochondrial regulatory proteins are a powerful tool to be discovered. The outbreak of this research is, the researchers have found many regulatory proteins that are involved in the energy metabolism and they alter the body’s physiology in such a way that leads to the permanent gaining of the beautiful color of hair in a few days.


Regaining of the original color of  hair is the function of the mitochondrial regulatory proteins is an amazing addition in the world of hair treatments. Based on this study, pharmacists must consider the development of new useful products.

Regaining original color hair is possible in Lahore Pakistan?

At the moment research is going on that one can regain original color. At the moment it is not possible however in future it might be possible. 

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