How long will hair transplant last


How long will hair transplant last is frequently asked question during initial consultation. It is a sensible question since the individuals want to know how long they would be able to enjoy their luscious, new hair. You cannot predict the life of the follicles without taking the surgeon in consideration. Good surgeons have a 98% success rate. The transplants that they do last for quite long and the transplanted hair grows naturally. Unfortunately, these days, substandard procedures are being offered. These would not last forever and you would have to go back for more transplants in no time. As a recipient, you have every right to wonder how long will hair transplant last? However, the truth is that results will vary based on your choice of surgeon, number of follicles, kind of procedure and existing condition of your hair.

How long will hair transplant last

Hair Transplant is not for everyone

The procedure may work like a miracle for some people and for others; they may not last very long. People whose follicles have been dormant for more than 4 years are likely to have poor results. Such individuals will need to get more transplants from time to time. In surgical hair restoration surgery , follicle is taken from the ‘safe zone’ of the donor’s head. However, there are still exceptional cases in which some individuals’ hair may have weakened so much over time that they tend to break.

What Do the Doctors Say?

When asked how long will hair transplant last, most surgeons say that surgically transplanted grafts will last forever. This is because the follicle is taken from back of the donor’s head. This area is least susceptible to hair loss even when you are ageing. So, when this follicle is transplanted in the recipient, the results are miraculous and hair lasts for years to stay. However, some patients might choose to go for more treatments to fill up any bald patches. Some patients report that their hair starts to fall after a transplant. Doctors say that this is your body’s natural response. A maximum of 85% of your transplanted graft will fall after the procedure. In just three months, this hair starts to grow back as the follicles are still intact.

How Long Will results Last in FUE Procedure?

FUE is a procedure in which a large area of the head is covered, as opposed to the strip method. In this method, surgeons would take grafts from sides or back of the head of donor and transplant them to the recipient. In your body, there is a metabolite which is called dihydrosterone. It is very powerful and it is the major cause of hair loss in most individuals. Luckily, the back of your head is resistant to this metabolite. This is why the graft taken from this section is least likely to suffer breakage or shedding. So, when follicle from this area is transplanted, it tends to last for a long time. Many surgeons claim that hair transplantation with this method is a permanent solution your hair loss.

The most common answer to the question of how long will hair transplant last is ‘permanently’. Substandard transplants would definitely not last forever but if you have a top surgeon working on you, expect your hair to be permanent.

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