Best Fue hair transplant Results in Lahore Pakistan

FUE Hair Transplant is a technique used for baldness treatment. Those who have hairs loss due to illness, genes or some other issues want a solution to get their glory back. These days hair restoration surgery give you the solution of growing your hair naturally.  Two types of techniques are popular nowadays.

  1. F U T (Follicular Unit Transplant)
  2. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

FUE is the precise, latest and best technique for baldness treatment and its result turns out to be very amazing and satisfactory. It has become the most common and popular technique for transplant in 2021. The technique works on an individual graft basis. In this your head will be shaved. By using small punch follicles will be taken from the back of your head. By this Punch a little hole appears on the back of your head, but it will fill in 5 for7 days. The whole process in FUE procedure is performed under the Local Anesthesia, and it takes 6 to 7 hours to complete.

Best hair transplants in Lahore

FUE Hair Transplant results are very good. FUE is the latest technique and it’s becoming popular worldwide because less time is consumed in this technique FUE is most popular among males because this technique leaves no scratch , hole on the head and You don’t need long hairs to hide them. No stitches are used in this technique.

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Successful Result of follicular unit extraction 

FUE hair transplant results in Lahore Pakistan are very successful because it gives real and natural results, and it has recently developed tools for its fast regeneration. Almost ¼ inches hairs come in three month by using this technique. These hairs are weak but with the passage of time it will become thick and dense. No redness, pain, scratch can be felt by the person in this technique.

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Basic steps of follicular unit extraction

Basic steps that are performed to get the best Fue hair transplant results in Lahore Pakistan are:

Step 1 – Donor Area Preparation: Donor area will be prepared by the surgeon.

Step 2 – Anesthesia (Donor Site): Donor site will be administered by local anesthesia.

Step 3 – Donor grafts Extraction: From donor side follicle will be extracted

Step 4 – Graft Preparation: The hair that are extracted are now separated and prepared

Step 5 – Anesthesia: After Graft Preparation on recipient site local anesthesia will be administered.

Step 6 – Recipient Area Preparation: Now Recipient Side will be prepared.

Step 7 – Graft Insertion: After preparation grafts that are extracted from the donor site now inserted on recipient site.

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FUE Hair Transplant Process consists of three stages

  1. Pre-Operative Surgery
  2. Operative Surgery
  3. Post-Operative Surgery


For the Best FUE hair transplant results in Lahore Pakistan or anywhere in the world steps performed for surgery in a sequence are:

  1. Arrival of Patient
  2. Consult with surgeon the whole procedure and cost
  3. Complete the registration form and anamnesis
  4. Shaving the donor area to make it bald
  5. Do Anesthesia of donor area
  6. Beginning of follicles Extraction
  7. Take short breaks during process
  8. Depending upon the hair time is required for surgery


Recommendation after Transplant Surgery:

After FUE surgeons recommends some precautions to follow that are:

  1. Take a 10 days’ rest so your wounds heals and no swelling occurs.
  2. Sport or outdoor games activities like cricket, swimming, gym, snookers etc must be avoided for one month.
  3. Patients must eat healthy foods, take medicines on time and rest for a few days.
  4. Do not touch or rub the area of transplant
  5. Avoid smoking, alcohol
  6. Avoid Pain Killers


The cost of follicular unit extraction procedure is high because it’s the latest and precise technique, best tool and technology is required to perform this method.

Advantages of FUE:

Advantages of follicular unit extraction technique are:

  1. If Follicles are less on head than surgeons can extract it from the body.
  2. No scratch appears, no stitches are required for this method.
  3. It gives fast recovery to patients.
  4. It gives a natural looking result.
  5. It gives a permanent result


If anyone wants to restore his hairs then he can choose FUE technique from the  best clinic because the Best FUE Hair Transplant result in Lahore Pakistan can change your appearance and personality. It is very accurate, permanent, effective, painless and less time-consuming. So, transplant your hair by using the latest  technique. 

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