Patients will begin to see a lot of hair rising up out of the scalp. The hair is more slender; a large portion of the transplanted hair will be more than 3 inches or more and can be prepared. At the end of this period, the hair will indicate textural changes and begin to thicken up. At 6 months, the doctors tell the patients will see that their transplant is a success and their hair is growing well. The donor area will be totally recuperated now. The first contributor laxity is reestablished by the ninth month. Patients have accomplished around 80% of the development of the transplanted hair. The vast majority of the hair will have risen up out of the scalp. Patients may see that the hair have a bit “ebb and flow” to them. This is from the minor scale scarring that is at the recipient end. The last appearance from the hair transplant is refreshing now. For a few patients, they accomplish the full appearance by 1 year; others will take more time for the hair to develop and build their thickness and volume. Also, as the hair develops longer, it gives a more full appearance since the volume of hair is expanded at the transplanted zone. Hair do not grow over-night therefore, patience is required to go through this procedure.