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Hair loss is one of the trending problems among the people of all ages, everyone wants to learn different kinds of hair loss prevention treatment. We cannot just set ourselves on a single treatment for better hair growth; sometimes we need to switch on other methods too. Hair problems can be treated by using different homemade remedies or professional medical treatments. People used to choose them according to their comfort. Before diagnosing a right method for you doctors used to do physical examinations of the patient.

Hair loss prevention treatment Lahore

There are number of hair fall prevention treatments in the present time, expenses do vary. But here are few treatments which are mostly recommended:


Few studies have shown that growth and density can be intensified by using a low level laser to treat hereditary hair loss issues and this technique is also approved by Food and Drug Administration.


if you have a hair loss due to any harmful disease or any weakness etc you could improve by getting a medicinal treatment instead of home remedies to recover the loss in a short period. Here are certain medications which are prescribed;

* DHT blocker: This is a prescription drug, take a pill daily. This may help to lessen the hair loss or slow it down. You may need to take it continuously. It would not work for men more than 60 years old. Some side effects are a bit of irritation, unwanted growth etc.

* MINOXIDIL: It is available in liquid, foam or shampoo form. For better results, apply it once or twice a day on the scalp. People have their own choices. This product will regrow and stop hair loss but takes more than 6 months for the complete treatment.

Hair Transplant Surgeries:

There are hundreds of hair transplantation procedures. Actually, hair fall is a natural phenomenon which might occur at any age or time. So studies and researchers are to assist folks to obviate this permanent downside. Well we can, some methods are permanent while some need fatigue to see the doctor after a fixed period of time. In most of the transplants, follicle from one part of the scalp are removed and implanted to the bald area through injectors or forceps. This is a quite painful procedure that’s why sedation is given before the surgery. Typically massive patches from the skin are extracted with more number of hair groupings. Some examples are FUE hair transplant & FUT etc


 * Permanent hair growth.

* No distinction between transplanted and real hair

* Less recovery time.


* scalp pain, itching, and swelling

* Inflammation of follicles (folliculitis)

* bleeding

* losing sensation around the surgical sites

* Visible areas of hair that don’t match the encompassing hair or are noticeably thinner


People need aesthetics to appear stunning; in this case hair loss prevention treatments could prove beneficial for them. Innovation has lessened the gap between people and technology so it’s a lot easier for people to get what they want in the present time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best hair loss prevention treatment in Lahore?

The best treatment depends upon the condition of the head. Initial vitamins are the best option and second best option is medicine. When both these fail, the next option is different kinds of treatment and final remedy is surgery.

Who is the best doctor for hair loss prevention treatment in Lahore?

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is the top hair doctor in Lahore due to following reasons:-

  1. He is a specialist doctor and did his training and specialization from Paris France.
  2. He has more than 22 years experience in this field.
  3. He is a professional and honest in his opinion.
  4. He has treated many cases successfully during his 22 years experience.

What is the cost range of hair loss prevention treatment in Lahore?

The prevention treatment or medicine cost range is 2000 to 20,000 Pak Rupees.

How to contact the best hair doctor in Lahore?

To contact with a top hair doctor in Lahore you may call or send close up photos of your head through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999

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