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Hair transplant expectation after the procedure one should prepare for mild discomfort, numbness and swelling. These are the temporary minor side effects and resolved in a few days. Individuals who want to get baldness treatment often ask what to Expect after getting a FUE procedure? This is quite a valid question since many individuals are hoping to see the results overnight. However, this is not really the case and you have to wait for some time to see the results. One of the best things about FUE is that the recovery period is quite short and in just 2-4 days, the scarring goes away for most patients. This, in no way, is an indication that follicles are healed and ready to grow. So, when you ask, what to expect after getting a FUE procedure, be prepared for some unexpected answers.

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Fue hair transplant expectation post op day 1 

When you come home fresh from the hospital, you can expect the donor area and recipient area of your head to be bruised. There will be small holes in the donor area that should disappear in a few days. Like all medical procedures, this one also comes with pain but it is quite mild. Painkillers should take away the pain. Scabbing is also common in the transplanted area and mild itching will also occur. When people ask what to expect after getting a follicular unit excision technique, they are not always aware that they will have to make some lifestyle changes for the first few days too. Your surgeon would give you a shampoo that you should use for washing your hair for at least 5 to 6 days.

Fue hair transplant expectation after one month?

In the first month, follicles enter the resting stage and this is why the shafts start to shed. This comes as a huge surprise for most individuals. Along with hair fall, you will also have lesions on the transplanted area that look like pimples. These are the effects of folliculitis, which is common after a FUE surgery. These go away after a while and follicles also start to get stronger.

New Hair Growth

Everyone who undergoes hair restoration surgery is concerned with the rate of success. In the initial days, growth will be gradual and minimal because of the excessive shock from over 4000 grafts. After the body recovers from this shock, follicles will become stronger and hair growth begins. For most people, hair starts to grow in the first ten weeks. However, growth period extends from six to twelve months. If growth is slow, it is important to consult your surgeon. Only 10% growth is in the first three months and full growth is accomplished by 10 months, in most patients.

A Year after the Transplant – Is hair transplant worth it?

When people ask what to Expect after getting a Follicular unit extraction procedure, they want to know about long term effects too. After 12 to 18 months have passed, you will experience normal hair growth. At first, your hair will be thin but they will get thicker over time. In just a year, you will see the difference that FUE procedure can make. What to Expect after getting a FUE procedure is success? Yes the procedure has over 99% success rate and it will definitely bring a change in your self-confidence and appearance. Hair transplant expectation after one year to fifteen months full results will be visible and one can enjoy a happy life. 

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