Hair transplant candidacy

The best hair transplant candidate is the one who has visible hair loss and usually 24 to 70 years of age. In order to check your hair restoration candidacy; you should talk with your dermatologists about the following considerations and check if you fit with all the requirements.

Who is a good candidate for a hair transplant?

Hair restoration is an option that will be available for a major population aiming for baldness treatment, it has some limitations though. The best candidates that can go for a procedure include the people who have a finite number of hairs at the donor area from which they are shifted to the bald spots. In case of limited supply of hairs in the donor area; hair restoration might not give satisfactory results. For the patients who have tried all other possible treatments available and still have not got any improvement can get a procedure as a last resort. It is the best option from correcting the losses of male pattern baldness and filling the bald spots. People intending to get more hair to get a youthful appearance can surely adopt any of these procedures to achieve their desired look. Hair loss as a result of trauma and burs can be corrected by hair restoration surgeries. If you have undergone any cosmetic procedure previously and lost hairs as a consequence, hair restoration can be performed to correct the loss. One should be acknowledged of the fact that there are chances of consistency of hair loss even after a transplant.

Can anybody get a hair transplant?

Hair restoration procedures can be limited to a population who have sufficient number of hairs in their donor area and their follicles are healthy enough to anchor the growth of healthy hairs in thinning areas. One can book a consultation with a well reputed dermatologist to figure out whether he fits in the criteria or not. You might be needed to undergo a few blood tests to detect the root cause of hair fall. a scalp biopsy can also be performed for this purpose.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for a hair transplant?

You would be a good candidate if you fit in the eligibility criteria. A person would be eligible if he is not having any sort of health issue and fits in the age range necessary for undergoing hair restoration procedure. If you are 20 years older or more, you could undergo such cosmetic surgeries. The reason for this age limit is that the growth of body hairs is maximum: especially on the beard area which can serve as a good donor area. Next, if a person has a chronic disease; such as diabetes, hypertension and thyroid disorders he must concern his attending doctor who is treating his chronic ailment before going for a surgical procedure. A dermatologist should also consult the physician about the severity of disease and the time required for treatment. A person with thyroid disorder experiences hair thinning as a result of disease and as he takes medications for his disease, the hair loss is compensated without the need of transplant. If a person is a patient of any communicable disease; hair restoration should not be performed unless the clinic is offering restoration surgery under controlled environment. If you do not have any of such limitations, you are definitely a good candidate, undoubtedly.

What is the best age to get a hair restoration surgery?

Growth of hairs differs with age. Similarly, the body hairs that could serve as an efficient donor site may depend upon certain hormones for stimulating hair growth and the secretion of these hormones varies at different stages of age. This is the reason for considering age factor before a hair implant surgery. As a person grows old, hair growth also slows down. The perfect age for getting a hair restoration surgery is 18 to 25.

Who is a good candidate for FUE?

Hair transplant by follicular unit extraction can be performed on candidates who have limited hair loss on recipient’s area and maximum numbers of grafts available at the donor area. People who have scars from previous surgeries should prefer FUE as it is not associated with scarring. People who want short hairs are also good candidates. Hair type also influences the choice of procedure. Curly hairs are not good candidates for FUE and the chances of damage are more. If necessary, this procedure should be performed by a well skilled dermatologist for curly hairs. FUE technique is preferable for the population of people who have tight skin. In other words, this procedure should not be used on areas where the skin is loose and wrinkled. A scalp having insufficient laxity will serve as a poor recipient area for hair implantation and donor area for hair extraction. A person can find out if he fulfills these requirements for FUE, after consulting with his dermatologist. The doctor will prescribe the most appropriate procedure after having a detailed consultation. A few tests would be conducted with medical and family history to detect the root cause of hair loss and go for the best procedure

Who should not do a hair transplant?

One should not get a hair restoration surgery if he has any of the following conditions. People who do not have hair from birth. Usually such people have no donor areas from which hair extraction can be performed. Age is a factor that also determines the candidate for hair restoration. It should be performed on people ranging from 18 to 25 years. Patients having serious health complications should not undergo such procedures and should emphasize on treating their medical condition for fixing hair thinning problems. Moreover, a person having blood borne diseases such as hepatitis and HIV should not undergo a hair restoration before proper detoxification. Patients who react to anesthesia should not go for transplant because most of these procedures require the application of mild topical anesthesia before a surgery. hemophilia is a condition that limits the clot formation capability of blood. Such patients are not good candidates for surgical options for hair restoration.

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