Baldness treatment Pakistan 

Baldness treatment in Pakistan is performed with medicine, surgical techniques and through PPR therapy. Due to many new developments and invention of new instruments and diagnosis of various new medicines life have become very easy, similarly now treating baldness is not something out of question like it was couple of years ago. To answer this question, yes we can treat baldness. Below are discussed some ways in which hair loss can be treated for both men and women.

Baldness treatment through Cloning

New hair growth in mice, the name sounds different but familiar; this is associated to cloning of hairs, the concept of cloning follicles is being practiced since years involving dermal Papillae cells that are hidden inside the follicles and they can give birth to new follicles. It is a new technique with the concept of cloning dermal papillae (means making multiple copies of them) and then transplanting them into a tissue culture and then they are allowed to grow naturally making multiple copies and then these hair are used to treat baldness, they are transplanted in the recipient area. However this technique is not approved by FDA and many laboratories are doing research till its final outcome and results. Most commonly baldness treatment in Pakistan is performed through medicines and surgical methods like F.U.E. and F.U.T.

Baldness treatment Lahore

Shampoos for baldness, there are various shampoos for both men and women with a special ingredient known as minoxidil, which is found in various shampoos and which results in effective hair growth. This ingredient is developed as Rogaine, which fights against androgenic alopecia (hair loss) in women and men both. There are some instructions for its usage like for example in order to make it work effectively, it is recommended to use it twice a day and is recommended to massage it deep into the scalp, as a result thinning is reduced gradually moreover it also results in growth of new hairs. It is not something that a bald person would use it and his hair are going to grow but rather it works effectively for those people who are at the initial stages of baldness . The aim is to retain those hairs which are already present.

Silanol Hair Shampoo

                                   This shampoo effectively block DHT enzyme and thus locally blocking coversion of testosterone into DHT – main culprit for hair loss in male. For better results, one should continue to use it as daily or routine shampoo.

Nutrigrow Hair Shampoo:

This shampoo contain iron, protein, zinc, peptide and other essential factors which help hair for faster growth and prevent hair fall. It is very effective for male and female patients.

Natural remedies, more than 70% of men suffer from male pattern baldness. Apart from medicines and surgeries there is a natural remedy which is easy to use and is effective.  Take four tablespoons of henna leaves and a cup of mustard oil, and boil the mixture, once it is cool enough massage it on daily basis on the bald area.

How to take finasteride? This is a medicine which is used to treat partial hair loss. At times all medicines are not useful to take without the consult of the doctor and at times they turn out to be dangerous. So before using finasteride some precautions are to be taken. Finasteride is only for adult males above 18 years of age and secondly only men can use it not women and the dose is to be taken with precaution, only one tablet a day will be effective. It is marketd in the name of Propecia, Genesis and Hairfin. The major side effect is loss of sexual desire or libido.

Adequate intake of nutrients, lack of intake of various nutrients may lead to hair thinning, especially proteins which are essential for hair growth. Usually doctors recommend 2 to 3 ounce in the form of meat or dairy and beans, if one wants to stay away from alopecia and all the surgical processes.